Heart Wedding Favor, Gift Tag, and Ornament

Gunold heirloom heart

Wedding season is upon us and this project is very easy to make as a wedding shower or reception favor. Stitch using wedding colors. You could also hang it on a gift as a tag and it could be used later on the Christmas tree.

I used a Gunold heirloom design QHL01060 available through Ann the Gran and Dakota Collectibles. It is quick, under 4,000 stitches, and measures approximately 3.25" x 3".

Hoop water soluble stabilizer. Cut two pieces of organza (I used a metallic) to fit in the hoop, spray the back of one piece with temporary adhesive, and finger-press it to the other piece of organza. Spray the back of the organza sandwich and finger-press it in the hoop (no sticky hoop!).

Normally when I use organza, I only use one layer. This metalic version had more of a weave to it and tended to fray. Two layers were much more stable than using just one layer.

Freestanding wedding heart

The Gunold design originally had three color stops. I decided to keep the outside scallop, flowers, and inside heart the same color so continued the final stitch-out with fuchsia.

Color 1 is the green leaves. With color 2 (fuchsia), when the scallop gets near the top "V" of the heart, stop embroidery to place the hanger. The scalloped edge places underlay stitches then backtracks to do the satin stitches so you will have ample warning.

Freestanding wedding heart

For the hanger (I used rayon DMC thread for mine), cut a 6" length of thread or thin cording and fold it in half. Rub your thumb and fore finger across the top of lapel stick and rub the thread ends between you thumb and finger to join the ends into a point.

Scalloped Wedding Heart

Using painter tape, secure the hanger above and below where it will be stitched into the scalloped edge. Be sure to keep the tape out of the stitch area.

Freestanding wedding heart

Finish stitching the scalloped edge. Trim the excess hanger thread. Because of the weave of the sheer metallic, I opted to stitch the scalloped edge twice. It gave a more solid finish on the edge and further secures the hanger threads. Then, instead of stitching a third color like the original design, I continued stitching the inside heart with fuschia thread.

Freestanding wedding heart

 Remove the heart from the hoop and trim very closely around the scalloped edges. Rinse in warm water and dry flat.

Freestanding wedding heart

These are so cute, you may want to stitch up several and keep them on hand to include with birthday or get well cards. You could even monogram the center. Let me know your ideas!

Debbie (SewBlest)

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cherrylmaree 7/7/2012 11:17:44 AM

Very sweet and well explained.

My grandson is getting married in two months and I am thinking I will make them some of these to put with their thank-yous.

Thanks, Charylmaree. What a great idea, Kraftee, to include in a thank you note!

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