Where is an Expert when YOU need one?

Well, if we had an expert to follow us around all day, that would be both interesting and bothersome at the same time! We may need an expert in child/grandchild care, cleaning a tough spot on the carpet or maybe an expert in creating a layout for a 'tired' room. You will have other preferred experts and/or more of them but we will all be different. And, as we all know, if we needed to pay for all those skills - novice or expert - that amount of money astronomical.

If you are watching the Olympics, you will see that the youth of the world are all making those dives and twists look easy. There is an expert for you! They have spent every breathing minute learning and perfecting their sport. They eat, sleep and dream of the day that they will be on a podium somewhere (not necessarily the Olympics) where they will be cheered for their accomplishments. The roar of the crowd is intoxicating and invigorating.  The feel of all eyes on you is life affirming.  Then, you and I turn off the TV and go to do the dishes. . . . I don't know about you, but I don't ever remember being thanked for cleaning or doing the chores that we do every day.  You have perfected your sport of vacuuming!  You dream of a perfect garden.  Where did we go wrong??

Well my friend, you are an expert.  You are an expert in many things but today, you are an expert in embroidery.  How do I know that?  What makes me think I know you at all?  Who told me to select experts anyway?

I know you are an expert because you most likely own an embroidery machine.  Many of you own more than one (guilty!).  And, from the first minute I started to try to use my first machine, I was on my way to being an 'expert.'  I don't mean I am an expert in the entire process, I am still learning just like every one of you.  How do I know that?  Because no matter what is happening, we are always learning and progressing in this terrific craft.

What defines an expert in your mind?  Let's take these few thoughts and relate them to our experiences:


  • Edison was an expert in the field of invention via electricity. He worked at his trade most every day, he learned as he went along and he kept trying even when success seemed to be at someone else's door.

o Talent is a great thing, but preparation, practice and patience will out every time. You are doing just that. If you want to be an exceptional embroiderer, reading and doing are just the ticket.

  • Steve Jobs has been compared and even thought to be more innovative than Edison. In our lifetime, we witnessed creativity that has us all using the latest technology, even if we are in our later years. (Can you imagine your great-grandmother with a cell phone?) Steve also worked and constantly considered the possibilities beyond what everyone else was thinking and doing. Just like many of the great individuals on the world, he saw what was and considered what could be.



Steve was very instrumental in the iPad, patent in 2004. And btw, here is a statement that should make you smile  - 

  • This is a device that critics said no one needed.
  • This is a device that competitors said is just a fad.
  • This is a device is truly magical and revolutionary in every way and completely changed the way we use, and define, computers. Thank you, Steve, for everything.

o Imagination is all around the embroiderer. Talented designers are doing ground-breaking motifs that can be done in so many different ways. Digitizing for heavy towels and light organza fabrics to decorate and embellish the world around us is available at your very own keyboard. If we think of what might be available, it is likely that someone has a project that will give the finished product to us. It is possible that someone has taken that vision to the next level. You are in an artistic and inventive venue. You are a part of it all!

You are an expert.  Believe me, if someone were to say to you - 'can you do a tote for me?' You can actually advise them of the opportunities for a really extraordinary bag.  You can show them options and ideas and really WOW them. 

You are an expert.  If you decided to sell some of your items, you can guide them as well.  You are an expert if you have actually done your first sew out.  You have learned to master the first steps and will be conceiving wonderful items that you will be proud to sell, give or keep for yourself.

You are an expert.  You find time and energy to do breathtaking things on your embroidery machine.  When others look at your results, they will probably say, in astonishment, "you did that?!?!?" 

One thing every expert knows very well is that having the best equipment to work with is a true joy.  If you did not notice, Peggy's Stitch Eraser, in the cordless model, is back (it sells out all the time!) AND you get a 3 month subscription to Ann's Club at the same time with purchase.  An excellent two for one offer!

I really could go on and on about your impressive skills.  I have seen so many beautiful things in the Forum and Gallery, here are just a few:


First design/photo:  db1921, Second:  Nana2sew12 Third:  marsuz and the last:  Pattiann

Email them and let them know how much you appreciate seeing their work.  While you are on line, upload some of your own project photos.  WE ALL LOVE TO SEE THEM! 

Note:  How to upload photos on the Galleries:

It does take a little time for it to upload, be patient and be proud!

Comments (6) -

Thanks for the "publicity"!  

The design was put on a walker pocket for a disabled high school student and given to him at no cost via my local American Red Cross office.  

When it comes to critics, Steve Jobs could have used Taylor Swift's song, Mean.

To paraphrase "When I become a star, you will (still) just be mean"!

Thanks, Pattiann, that is interesting.  Critics are not exactly our enemy, they just may well be not living on the same planet as the rest of us!!  LOL

Thanks for using my quilt.  I am going to try and upload some more.

Hello all!  I am a fan of beautiful and in awe of the work done on a lovely quilt.  Marsuz has some of the most exquisite quilts I have ever seen.  (And her embroidery is devine as well.)

I am totally delighted to know you will be seeing some of them as well.  I hope each of you consider showing off something you did that is a treasure you accomplished.  

We have SO MANY talented people on this site, please show more of your work!!  It takes longer to read the instructions to uplooad your photo than it takes to upload it!


Pat you are very kind.  I have just put in 2 more pics.


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