Keeping It Simple - Embroidered Book Slings

Do your kids love to read?  Ours do, but keeping track of the library books can be a challenge.   And while our daughter was reorganizing their schoolroom area she wanted a reading nook and a place to keep those library books.  Here is what we came up with:


The original idea came from this site and there are complete instructions there for the original size along with details for mounting the hardware.  We did not have space for a long one and wanted to add embroidery.  Ours measure only 20" each.

Here is what you need to make a set of two shorter ones:

two sets of double rod brackets from the hardware store

Four 20" dowel rod sections to fit the brackets in diameter

Four 20" X 20" inch coordinating cotton fabric squares

Medium weight cut away stabilizer

Embroidery designs as desired (you can download the ones we used below)

embroidery thread

sewing thread

Here is what you do:

1.  Print the templates for the embroidery designs using Alphabet Xpress Or Catalog Xpress

2.  Lay one fabric square face up.  Measure down about 7 inches from the top and arrange the templates as desired.  (We wanted a fun, casual look so we put them every which way.)

3.  Hoop with stabilizer.  Remove the template.  Embroider the first letter.  Repeat for each letter on the READ sling using the 4" X4" hoop.  Remove excess stabilizer and press if needed.

4.  Lay the embroidered square right side up on a flat surface.  Place another square face down on top.  Align raw edges and pin.  Using a 1/2" seam sew around leaving a 4" opening for turning.  Trim the corners.  Turn right side out and press making sure that the raw edges of the opening are pressed to the inside. 

5.  Lay back on table face down with top of the embroidered words towards the top edge.  Fold down about 2".  Sew 1/8" from open edge to create a pocket for the dowel rod.

6.  Repeat for the bottom edge.

7.  Mount the hardware, insert the dowels into the pockets and mount.  Do it all again for the second sling and you have a great place for books.

The girl's reading nook looks like this so far.  Just needs some curtains and a rug to finish it off.  And more library books of course.


Click here to download the PES files for the Love to  and READ.  I only have PES for these but if you take them into Alphabet Xpress and resave them in most home formats if you need another one for your machine.

If you missed the flapped edged pillows there is a tutorial here.  The girls love these for silent reading time.

Take care,


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