If They Are Special, This is Special!

One of the most important groups of people I embroder for are my grandchildren.  Who is more important to me than they are???

So, when I see Design Packs on SALE, I look for items that will be great for my grandchildren. Remember when we used to have 'paper dolls' that had all those great clothes? BeaBear, from Deegee Digi Designs,


accompanied by HoneyBea, make for hours of fun playtime for any child, and, it is on SALE.


I love the idea of this being a 'travel' style of plaything.  With a ziplock type of bag, there will be plenty of playtime in the car without having to resort to a video game or the like.  We want our grandchildren to be able to play with their imaginations, not that of some geek in Silicon Valley.

When a new baby comes into our lives, so many people participate in the purchase of baby items.  There are a zillion blankets and 2 dozen booties.  A baby can barely, if at all, wear all of them.  But, did you stop to consider that when they are ready for school, and with multiple children, buying in August and September can be a real challenge for most of us.  The bills can become very daunting.

Consider doing some shorts, pants and tops with a single design pack theme so that a child can chose their own outfit each day.  If it is good enough for Garanimals, it is good enough for the embroidery champ!  I love these types of embroideries for the mix and match crowd.

If you select the "Mini Emblems II" design pack, you get 50 different designs from bats to turtles!  Place a matching design on the top and bottom items and you have something that even a child can coordinate.


Another great idea is to create a Bridal Shower gift, Wedding gift and first anniversary with a design pack like the Flower of the Month by Starbird.  For the shower, create four different flowers on dish towels, everyone needs them and they are really lovely when using a great design like these.  For the wedding, you can create four of these designs on a simple fabric in four different frames for the kitchen. Now they have a set that is really practical.  These flowers go with any decor and everyone needs something to brighten a kitchen.  Then, on the first anniversary - give another 4 fresh towels with the designs.  After all, after a year's wear, those cloths are going to be a little shop worn.  Now new towels make it fresh again.

Did you happen to see the Thread and Box Combination that is on SALE?  I am forever looking for small boxes in which to save my little items like my needles or colored bobbins.  These are adorable and fun too. 

I think you get the picture.  I really like coordinating and being innovative.  Thinking outside the box just means making a small step away from what is the norm.  I want to surprise my family and friends with something unexpected and these ideas are just that.

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smartfortwo 6/25/2012 6:45:34 AM

Great items

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