The Colors of the Holidays


Some of us really go out with decorating for the holidays.  Some homes look like a professional decorator was hard at work.  Some houses have a traditional place for each memorable item from years gone by.  Some are just starting out and seeking different looks that are awe inspiring. 

If you are thinking of getting ready -- or already getting ready for the holiday season, I have a little idea that may just be right for you.

Let's assume that you are celebrating either Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanza.  The same idea applies to each and I will be using a Christmas theme for this blog.  There are so many designs available for your special occasion and I am recommending, for this project that you select something that is really colorful.  I am using a design that has 5 color changes.  Multiple colors give you a chance for more creativity.

Being organized will help you with your focus and design.  For instance, if you love the look of gold, and it is going to be your central color, everything you are planning will relate in some way to the color and/or the metal, gold.  I know many decorators (friends and family who really know how to decorate) chose a single color.  Blue is a big favorite, with silver as a second accent and the remainder may be in white or a straw color.  

Let's start with a great white tree, it is only $800 from Front Door dot com.  Perhaps I can get a collection going for it - - anyone want to contribute?


OK, now let's look at my chosen design, it has style, dimension, it is creative and I welcome lots of bows and ornaments.  I love the design but the coloration is a little outside the box - and maybe even the universe -

While I might use different colors, for this holiday, I am looking at some great ideas (IMHO).

I would like to use all white or a gold and white, but was unable to get a decent photo to show you, so I skipped over that.  Here are some of the colors that were great:

I love the Maroon and Gold, (GO Sun Devils) -

I also liked the solid green, after all during the dreary winter, nothing makes things more alive than green!

Every color, whether solid or not, gives off the directional hues of the color.  Even with a single color, one can clearly see the lovely details of the piece.  That 3 dimensional aspect is one of the beauties of embroidery, it is like painting with thread!

My next possible color is solid blue.  The vibrancy of the blue brings a lively suggestion of a bright summers day under a beautiful blue sky.


Lastly, I was thinking of Blue and Silver.  I thought of it as fun and the silver was just the touch I wanted to have for sparkle.  I actually used two silver colors and loved what it does for the wreath!

Here is my final proposed project - - I hope you are inspired just a little!


Obviously I have just taken and adjusted a photo to give it the feel of a warm room.  I wish it were my home, but alas, it is not.  I really feel like I could entertain in this comfortable setting.  I hope you found something that give you a positive feeling too.

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