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I really believe that décor should be simple and unconventional, lovely and not ostentatious, classy without being gaudy. You get my drift.

There is one piece of artifact that is, IMHO, an eye-sore. It is a necessary evil, the ceiling fan. Manufacturers have tried to make these more eye-appealing with bamboo, metals and various configurations. Still, the hunt for beautification continues.

Or, you could select this little number, at only $20,920 you do get free shipping (blades and controls sold separately).

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I got this idea from the HGTV Magazine which is my new favorite magazine. So many great ideas and so little places to put them all. Here is the photo, courtesy of HGTV. I think painting is a little too 'permanent' for my taste. I know that there will be 'lines' left over even if I do a good job of covering up the green.

What about some sort of tasteful embroidery?

I could not decide if my embroidery should be outstanding and very colorful or more muted and subtle. I chose something in between. This Grape Vine design. I actually could not wait to get my hands on this design, I felt like it said to me - “Pat, I am just right for a ceiling fan.”

I might have chosen a Free Standing Lace as well but I really liked this design, it is free and perfect. 

Here is a tip for sewing/embroidery. In commercial machines, you will see that the thread always comes from a height above the needle. The configuration may vary a little, but mostly you will see something like this:

The spool unwinds from the top. I always say, when in doubt, do what the professionals do.

This is what I have been using, and I guess many of you may have one as well.

I am in love with the one I found on the Net. My original stand has been known to - toss off the thread (even when the "V" is pointing its bottom to the machine), knot my thread in the inside of the "V", and even get caught under the spool.

The one thing the pipe cleaner does that my thread spool stand cannot do is actually keep the thread in among the threads of the pipe cleaner without being too snug. It may add just a small amount of tension but I don't think enough to be an issue. I will be picking up some of these cleaners soon!!

If you did not pick up the free tension test for your machine in my last blog, check here. It is important to do this test about every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your machine in top condition and your projects professional.

Here is the freebie for this blog. I think it is a simple and charming way to say "I love you" any time of the year. Fifteen-millimeter is just over  1/2", so it fits just about anywhere.

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There appears to be an error in this blog post.  You started off talking about how you are going to decorate a ceiling fan with an embroidery design.  Then the blog jumps to discussion of how to run embroidery thread through a pipe cleaner.  Where is the rest of the blog about decorating the ceiling fan?

You are correct 'ddj', there is a part missing. I wanted to decorate my ceiling fan, but an emergency created  a time problem.

I apologize for the inconvenience. I will be finishing the design but found that I either had to cut around it or create a sleeve for the blade itself. In the end, I created a satin stitch around it for trimming.  I will attach that to the blog shortly.

I have been trying to learn digitizing and wonder if anyone is interested in some blogs about digitizing. One thing I feel strongly about is that the more you understand about the WHOLE process, the better your projects will be.

Is there anyone interested in learning digitizing? I have found a (so far) very good digitizing program that does not cost an arm and leg. (Under $100) Is anyone interested in learning about that?

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

I have had some difficulty with the design that I selected. While I attempted to correct the issues (more than just one or two), I could not make the design work properly.

My apologies, these things happen. I hope you do like my freebie. If at any time you experience an issue with a design. Please do let me know.

Pat where are u Located? I am in Michigan and love your posts.

I am in La Mesa, CA just east of San Diego.

Thank you so much for your input. Frankly, I am still learning after 16 years of machine embroidery. Not only are there new things happening all the time, but the intricacies of embroidery are deep and exciting.

My next Blog, for May 5th is really going to be interesting. It is entitled "Passion Changes Everything." (Of course, I am a little predigest and have fun researching ideas for my readership.)

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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