The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Registration is the key! And a Purrfect kitten freebie.

Registration (a line edging the design to create more detail) is one of my earliest recollections of issues that I dealt with in embroidery.

In the case of these identical kittens (or Chipmunks?), the red line is the registration stitches. Without them, the second kitten looks a little strange.

Worse than losing details, if that red line is not in sync with the design, you have something that is not as professional as you would like.

At first, I thought that the digitizer had not done a good job. Then I realized that the fabric had actually moved 1mm creating a gap between the body and the detailed outline. 

I normally would have placed a basting stitch around the kitten but in this case, my software allowed me to do an "offset." Offsets can be used for emphasis, outlining or basting. I did set the stitch length at 4.0mm so that it will be easier to remove upon completion. If you forget to place a basting stitch on your design, you can add it from the 'frames/outlines" available on your machine. Just be sure to add that section on at the beginning so it can do its work as you go.

With all my expectations of a perfect project, I do need to remember that preparation is important. A stabilizer is needed in this instance as well, I have always said, it is difficult to 'over stabilize' but 'under stabilization' is a disaster in the making.

Here is the Freebie for this time, it is 'reverse' outline. That is it leaves empty space to give the details. I think it is really cool!

I have found a great resource for Small Business Owners.  This is one terrific place to get ideas and many freebies.  Check here - You will be very glad you did check it out.

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

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