Applique Tips for Knits

Several things will make a difference when embroidering on knits such as sweatshirts and t-shirts. It's kind of like cleaning. Nobody notices when you clean but they certainly take note if you haven't. The same is true with using a topper when embroidering on knits.

Toppers like heat-away stabilizers or lightweight water-soluble film-type stabilizers, keep the stitches from sinking into your knits. It's just enough to make a clean, professional finish.

We'll use this patriotic design in honor of the Fourth of July holiday. You can make it yourself with different sizes of applique circles.

For this sweatshirt, I hooped a no-show mesh stabilizer (if you wear it, don't tear it). I used a temporary spray adhesive on the back of the shirt and pressed onto the hooped stabilizer then pinned it in place. You can also add a basting stitch to hold the shirt in place on the stabilizer if you like.

Applique a circle of red first (I used anti-pill fleece), followed by a layer of white, then red, then blue, topped off with an applique star. You can skip the inner red circle if you like.

If you can't find circles the sizes you want, you can resize them. It is not recommended to resize designs more than 20 percent.