Iron Water-Soluble Stabilizer? Yes, you can!

Recently, while working on a project, I found a solution to wrinkled fabric-type water soluble stabilizer. Iron it.
  I purchase by the bolt and did not realize that the stabilizer was so wrinkled until I opened the bolt and started using it. It was pretty bunched up on one end. I may have even slid the layers in a bunch when putting the bolt away. Not that sheer stabilizer like this would be perfectly smooth but, when you hoop wrinkled stabilizer, it stretches. Even if you try to pull the wrinkles out, the stabilizer is not taught in the hoop. 

It came off of the bolt with lots of wrinkles. As an experiment, I thought I might try to iron it, and it worked!

Don't use steam, of course, and keep the iron on a low setting. It hoops beautifully now!

Here's another trick I learned to remove stabilizer from the back of the hoop. After embroidery is finished, instead of cutting the excess stabilizer away from the embroidery, I have started using a seam ripper. It slides around easily, slicing away the stabilizer, and helps to prevent cutting the base fabric or embroidery stitching.

Keep the ball down (which is the way you are really supposed to use a seam ripper, who knew?), grab the stabilizer and hold it away from the base fabric, and push the seam ripper through to slice.

I'll bet that this cutter would also do a fabulous job. And if you had a Martelli Round About mat, you could trim fabric and embroidery even easier.

What tips do you have to share?

Debbie SewBlest
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