Keeping It Simple – Embellished Hot Spot Décor

Creating great room décor on a budget can be challenging.  One of our girls saw some cute cutout boxes in the Target Hot Spot section a few weeks ago and asked if they could have them for their room.  However, when we put them up they did not look like much next to everything else in the room. They were a bit lost so we started brainstorming how to make them look more fun and match the rest of the décor a little better.  We came up with an idea to use fabric to fill the cut out but with everything going on she never made it over to work on the project until today.  It was hot here and a perfect day to stay inside and sew.  She loves to embroider so we decided to enhance the fabric with a motif fill that she could make in my embroidery software.  Here is the easy project we did and the actual embroidery we used is downloadable at the end of the project.


Here is what you need:

A 7”x 10” rectangle box with a cutout (we got ours in the Target hot spot section)

A 7”x 10” rectangle of cotton fabric

Firm stabilizer

Embroidery thread and bobbin wound with matching color.

An embroidery hoop that is at least 10.25” x 6.25”

Lapel stick or another temporary adhesive

Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Here is what you do:

      1.  Hoop just the stabilizer and slide hoop onto the machine.

       2. Load the design and embroider the first color.

      3.  Lay the fabric face up on top covering the stitches.  Use a little lapel stick glue around the edges to keep it in place.

       4. Embroider the second color to secure the fabric.

       5. Embroider the final color.

      6. Remove the hoop and trim around the edge of the satin stitches being careful not to cut the thread. Do not remove the stabilizer from the back of the design as this will help keep it stiff.

       7. Turn the box over and make sure the rectangle fits as desired.  The apply the hot glue inside the box and quickly place the embroidered rectangle face down over the glue while still hot.

Hang or display your embellished cutout box as desired.  You could add crystals or beads to embellish it even more or use variegated threads.

Such a quick and easy project that lets you (or the younger generation) practice creating designs in your digitizing software and finishing a project in an hour or so.

Take care,


Butterfly box fill (47.2KB)

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