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Fancy Belt Packs

Fancy Belt Packs

The strap sleeve panels have now been added to all the belt pack designs and
design packs.  You may now re-download your purchases.  Thank you all for your


     To find the PDF files when you download, choose to show all formats rather than your
preferred formats only.  The PDF format will be displayed along with the formats for the
embroidery machines.  See screen shot at the end of this blog.

    Do you remember the Paisley belt pack I made for my friend last summer?
Here is a picture to remind you.

     Its construction is based on the Dog Leash Pouch designs I created a few years
ago.  Soon after I created those pouches, I enlarged the design to fit in my
200 mm x 360 mm hoop.  I also added more pockets.  Here is a pouch that has
five pockets.  The separate linings do add bulk to the pouch, but the pouch is
very handy for holding spare flash drives and cables for my computer.  For this
pouch I used the shell fill pattern.

     I used this same design (but with the paisley fill pattern) to make my friend's
belt pack.  After embroidering and assembling two "strap sleeves", I sewed them
into the side seams of the pouch.  Then, using webbing and a few pieces of hardware,
I made a belt and sewed its ends into the openings of the strap sleeves.

     Creating the belt pack for my friend made me want one for myself,  but I
wanted mine to be wider.  In particular, I wanted it to be wide enough for airplane
boarding passes.  (I keep my necessary documents in a belt pack so that I don't have
to dig through my purse when I check in and go through airline security.)  The
260 mm x 360 mm hoop for the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic seemed the perfect
size, so I enlarged my design to fit that hoop.  Here is the resulting belt pack.

     I used my cathedral windows motif fill and my favorite Superior Rainbows
thread, #813, on navy poplin.  As you can see, I also added a third zipper to the
design.  The top zipper opens the main pocket, through which I turn the belt
pack right side out.  To add each additional pocket, I split the embroidered panel
and add a zipper and a rectangle of lining.  A pair of guide lines, stitched in a color
that contrasts with both the fabric and background fill, makes it easy to split the panel
in the right place.  The belt pack designs include four pairs of these guide lines,
two on the front of the pouch and two on the back.  You may include whichever
zipper pockets you want in your own belt pack.

     Each design also has two sets of centering lines for adding text or other designs
on top of the background fill.  Each set of centering lines includes a line to mark
the vertical center of the pouch and three horizontal lines.  Choose which horizontal
line you use according to which pockets you add to the front and back of the pouch.
(See the instructions included with purchase for more detail.)  You can add text to
the back of the pouch even if you don't add zippers there.

     I offered to make a belt pack for my friend Sandy.  She didn't want her name on
the front of the pouch so I added it to the back instead.  Her name appears upside
down on the embroidered panel, but if you flip the belt pack over side to side, her
name appears right side up.  I made this belt pack in the 230 x 300 mm pouch with
my new herringbone fill pattern.

     My new Belt Pack design includes designs for 4 sizes of pouches:
  • 200 mm x 360 mm,
  • 230 mm x 300 mm,
  • 240 mm x 360 mm,
  • 260 mm x 360 mm,
and 130 mm x 180 mm designs for strap sleeves.  There are six different motif fill
patterns, shown below: cathedral windows, gingham, herringbone, octagon, paisley,
and shell.

     For most embroidery formats, the designs are available as a complete set of 24
belt pack panels and 6 strap sleeve panels.  PES and JEF formats only allow
designs that fit into hoops available for their respective embroidery machine brands.
Thus, only 230 mm x 300 mm belt packs and  130 mm x 180 mm strap sleeves are
available for Janome machines.  For PES, all but the 260 mm x 360 mm pouches are
available.  However, strap sleeve designs are available for all embroidery formats.
Each purchase includes separate instructions for making the belt pack pouch and for
constructing and adding the strap sleeves and belt.

     Designs are also available for a single belt pack panel with its coordinating
strap sleeve panel.  You can buy a set of all 6 belt pack panels that fit a particular
hoop and all 6 strap sleeve panels, or a set of all 4 sizes of a single motif fill and the
coordinating strap sleeve panel.  Each purchase includes instructions for making
the belt pack pouch and separate instructions for constructing and adding the strap
sleeves and belt.  You may skip the strap sleeves and belt if you'd like to make a
regular pouch in these new sizes.

     If you already bought a Dog Leash Pouch design, you can turn the pouch into a
belt pack:  I also offer a set of strap sleeve designs to coordinate with the fill patterns
in the Dog Leash Pouch design set.  You may buy these singly or as a complete set.
Each purchase includes instructions for constructing and adding the strap sleeves
and belt.

For design dimensions, stitch counts, and other details, click the links

Guide_to_Belt_Packs.pdf (523.8KB)

Guide_to_Strap_Sleeves.pdf (510.2KB)

Here is how the download page should look if you have chosen to show all formats.  PDF
will be one of the formats.  Download that zip file, and also the one for your preferred
embroidery format.  If you don't see this option, please contact customer service at


Comments (15) -

kentuckysue 4/29/2017 9:50:12 AM

Carol,  I purchased Belt Packs - SKU: BPDP001 today.  It did not come with instructions or sleeves.  I thought these were to be included.



You are correct that the strap sleeves designs and instructions are supposed to be included.  The strap sleeves were accidentally omitted from the designs but the techs are working on that.  Try to re-download your purchase again in a few days to see if the strap sleeves have been included.  I will add a message at the top of this blog when I know this has happened, so you can watch for that before doing the download.

When you make your purchase, do you see an option to see all formats rather than just the machine format you need?  You need to download the designs in your chosen format, but then look at the drop down menu again and look for Documentation.  That should give you the PDF files that are included.  It is very easy to miss that detail.

If this option is not available, please contact Customer Service for help.  I do not buy designs so can't give more specific directions - I haven't seen those screens myself.

Thank you for your purchase and your patience.


I, too, just purchased a 6-pack and didn't receive the instructions, nor single strap panel.   I hope this is corrected soon.  

This is an addition to my previous comment above.  None of the VP3 files I just purchased (BPDP001) will open in the 6d/Premiere software.  All reflect as an unrecognized format.  Each file needs to be rechecked for corruption or problem with formatting.  It is only these files that are not working.  All other VP3 files I have/own continue to open without any problems or formatting errors.  Please let me know when this is corrected so I can redownload.  Thank you.

I hope so, too, Nancy_M.

I will post an announcement at the top of my blog when the strap sleeve designs are ready so keep checking here.  Have you tried my suggestion to show your download in all formats instead of in your preferred format?  If so, do you then see the column of PDF downloads?


How long will it take to load a file for the single side strap?  It is still missing from the 6-pack files.  If it is available on-line separately, why can't it be added to the pack where it is missing from?  This has not been a good purchase.  Customer service helped with correcting corrupt VP3 files, but I don't know what could be taking so long to add the digital file that is missing.  


I have informed the techs at Ann the Gran that there is a problem with the .vp3 files.  I just opened one on my own computer and it opened fine, but the corruption may have happened between my computer and the website.  Please try the .vip format for now.  While it's generally best to use the most current format available, for the belt pack designs there are no complicated color sequences that need specific shades of colors.  The first color is for the motif fill.  I like variegated thread for that but you can use whatever you like.  The remaining colors are for the guide lines for cutting off pieces of the panel for adding zipper pockets and for centering names or other designs on top of the fill.  Those centering line colors are deleted entirely.

It doesn't seem like it should take that long to add the strap sleeves to the design sets, but the techs have many other tasks to accomplish as well and it is not up to me when they do what.  I am very sorry you are having to wait for your designs.  The best way to solve this is for me to contact the techs (as I have done) and for you and other customers to contact customer service.  I will post an announcement to the blog as soon as I know the strap sleeves are available.

Thank you for your patience.  I am glad you are eager to try my designs.  Smile  I hope they will be worth the wait.



Only the cathedral windows, octagon, and shell pattern strap sleeves are available as single purchases.  The gingham, herringbone and paisley fills for the belt packs are new.  I have been in contact with the techs and they are working to add the correct strap sleeves to the various packages.  If I could fix it myself I would, but I don't have access.

I regret that you are having so much trouble with this purchase.  I am glad that the corrupt VP3 files have been replaced.  I uploaded fresh copies yesterday.


It is extremely sad that this is going on the 7th day since my initial purchase & I still do not have the missing file.   It is longer considering the other purchase listed was a few days before mine.   Was that purchaser compensated or provided a complete file?  There should be no reason that as a customer I should have to keep checking back for it.  How often do you recommend I should keep checking back and for how long?  Someone needs to email me the 1 file to complete this mess because there has been no problem charging my credit card for the complete purchase.   At that point I won't be making any future purchases nor recommending this site to my friends.  


I agree completely that it shouldn't have taken so long for the designs to be uploaded.  The strap sleeve designs have not yet been added to the design set, but I emailed the designs and the instructions to my contact at Ann the Gran.  She will see that they get sent to you.

Again, I am very sorry your order has been delayed and I'm doing my best to make it right for you.

Carol B.


Someone from our support team should have sent you all the files. We apologize for any convenience and hope the compensation we have mailed you is to your satisfaction.


Dear Readers,

The strap sleeve panels have now been added to all the belt pack designs and
design packs.  You may now re-download your purchases.  Thank you all for your
patience.  I am posting it here for those of you who choose to be notified when new
comments are added.


I have the same problem. I become no instructions. I have wrote emails and i get no answere on them. I dont know how i do this.

dora2012 - Do another download from your Account.


I am sorry you hare having difficulty with your order.  The instructions PDF files are supposed to be included.  Depending on how you place your order, you will see only your preferred embroidery format or all available formats.  If you choose the latter option, then you will see the PDF format included with the other formats.  You can download the PDF zip file as well as the zip file for your embroidery machine.  The download page may have an option to display all formats, even if you started out displaying only one.

I added a picture to show how this download page is supposed to look.  If the PDF column is missing, please contact customer service.  Call 1-800-288-3009.  I will also let the techs know there are problems with the downloads.  I hope someone will be able to help you very soon so you can make your belt pack!


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