The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Does this go on my permanent record? And a Freebie to keep forever.

With all the old jokes about 'permanent record,' I would have been the kid who worried about such things. Then again, I worried about 'snowdays' and if I missed school, would I still get perfect attendance? (I did, 3 years.)

Recently, I have been thinking a little more about my wardrobe. I decided that I don't want to wear 'little ole lady outfits.' I want to have something that is age appropriate but also classy and classic.

What do both of those things have in common? (besides me)? Well, I think that not every embroidered item in my life has to be permanent. Therefore, one of my newest items will have something I really love but, it is not going to be sewn directly on the fabric. Instead, I am going to create a 'vignette' of a sort and hand sew it where I want it to be.

The versatility will be phenomenal and I am excited to give this a try.

This is one of Ann's Freebies that I have adjusted to suit my project. My design is not technically an applique, it is more of a 'stand alone' design. Therefore, the surrounding satin stitches are actually at the end. I think this is an advantage because sometimes the fabric can slip just enough to have a small pucker. Since it is at the end, all or any slippage has occurred and the fabric will be totally flat.

I did not get a photo, but I glued a Felt cutout copy of the design, reduced in size, and sewed it to the shirt. It actually is a 3D design - you can just see the shadow. I do love it!

In my last blog, I shared a tip about photography. Then I saw this advertisement from Canon. I hope you don't mind that I share some of my other interests. This one was particularly intriguing because of the 'built-in flash' photo.  (I rewrote some of the information only to make it easier to read.)

I love the camera on my phone, but I had purchased a 35mm a couple of years ago due to my love of photography. They are not inexpensive and I was feeling guilty for the purchase (buyers regret). But as I learn more about the 35mm, I am delighted that I am seeing when and where my more complex camera does work particularly well for me.

This tip is for indoor lighting since most outdoor lighting is in a natural setting.

One final note - In a blog from January of this year (2017), I purchased a pair of scissors from AnnTheGran. I promised to give you my honest opinion. Every time I use them, I know I have to tell you just how much I LOVE THEM!

I listened to the video and one thing that struck me was the "micro-serrated blade." It really does grab the fabric/thread (rather than pushing it away) to make a more accurate cut. It took me awhile to get used to that feature but now my cuts are much more accurate than before. I am so amazed!!! I can actually see and feel the difference.

It really does cut down on fraying of the cut fabric as well. Impressed?? You bet I am. (Did I mention that it cuts right to the end point?? It does, and so accurately!!)

With Mother's Day on the horizon, tell your family about them. You won't be sorry and they will be happy they don't have to figure out something to get you. Even a second pair of this duo would be terrific!!

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