Adding Text with Embrilliance

This design is a double applique, and it’s on sale! I’m going to stitch it as a freestanding applique and put it together as a banner/bunting with the name “Blaine” on it. First, I will use Embrilliance Essentials to get the file ready to embroider.


Determining Stitch Sequence


If I open the design in Embrilliance, there are six color stops:


1 Placement – large outside applique

2 Tackdown – large outside applique

3 Satin stitch – large outside applique

4 Placement – small inside applique

5 Tackdown – small inside applique

6 Satin stitch – small inside applique


I am going to create six appliques, one for each letter in the name. Because these appliques are going to be freestanding, the backs will show. I can cover the back of the large outside applique if the satin stitching (green) is done last. You can see from the image that it is actually third.


Changing the Stitch Sequence