Scrubbies Project By Bonnie Abbott

When I lived in Florida I had a friend who made Scrubbies. For those of you who do not know what they are they are made from nylon netting and have a wide array of uses.

For example, I use mine for scrubbing my pots and pans as they do not scratch the surface. I also use them in the bathroom to clean the bathtub and sink. My husband uses them to clean the bugs off the car.

She always gave me her scraps and I was always looking for something to use them in when I embroider. I came up with this idea one day and everyone loved them.

I bought some dish cloths from the dollar store and took a design that was an applique and placed 4 or 5 layers covered with Badgemaster stabilizer so my embroidery foot did not catch in the netting and embroidered the design.

Now I have a dish cloth that has the Scrubby right in it.

Here is how I did these.

1. I found this design on AnntheGran and downloaded it and placed it into my embroidery machine: Holly Applique Embroidery Design

2. I placed Badgemaster stabilizer on my 4x4 hoop and placed the dishcloth on an angle with just a very small amount of the corner sticking out so the design was down as far as I could get it and finished hooping it.

3. Load your thread color to match design. I always use the same color in my bobbin.

4. Next I stitched out the design so I knew where to place the netting.

5. Then I placed the netting on top of the design and placed a piece of Badgemaster on top.

6.  I backed up my design to the first step and stitched out the design again I then stitched the second step and then trimmed as close as I could just like any other applique.

7. I then continued stitching the rest of the design.

8. Once I the design was finished stitching I removed the hoop from the machine and removed the dish cloth from the hoop. I cut away as much of the Badgemaster as I could from the back and then washed the dishcloth to remove the rest.

9. I let the dish cloth hang to dry or if in a hurry I placed it in the dryer for a few minutes to help dry it.

There you have it a new scrubby dishcloth. 

By Bonnie Abbott

Badgemaster stabilizer can be purchased on AnntheGran”s website.

Here are some others I have done this way. Not sure where these designs came from but almost any applique will work if it is not too dense a design.

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