Oh, Brother, are my brown eyes green!


Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely LOVE my Brother machines, especially my Innov-is 4000D. I purchased the 4000D several years ago with the intent that this was to be my last and greatest machine. I have been happily sewing and embroidering with it ever since and never gave even the tiniest smidgeon of a thought that I might even remotely ever want a different and newer machine. My baby does everything I could ever imagine I would ever want a sewing and embroidery machine to do. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans . . .



Last month a small Brother ad appeared on my home page. Being a raving Brother fan I, of course, clicked on the ad. When I got to the site I registered to receive email information about the newest machine that would be introduced soon. Over the next few weeks I received teasing emails and would always click through to view and read the hints of what was to come. On Saturday I received an email telling me that the new machine would make its appearance on Sunday. I clicked through immediately and the page said, in big bold letters, “No Peeking!” You know that on Sunday I went back to the site. To tell you the truth, I really wasn’t expecting to be blown away. After all, what could a machine possibly do that my Innov-is didn’t already do? But still, I wanted, needed to see Brother’s latest.



WOW! I was blown out of my chair! Everything my Innov-is does is in there and so many new functions that I can’t even get my brain around them. First of all, a 50 square inch work area? A 12” by 8” embroidery hoop? Being able to see what I’m embroidering in the hoop on the LCD screen? Close up? Okay, I could deal with those. Very nice, but, well, I can do without them. Then I saw that you export graphics right from the machine to your computer. Why would you want to do that? You can print a background design to print or iron on fabric and the hoop that printed design and embroider embellishments on top and the machine automatically centers itself so the design is exactly where it’s supposed to do. Now I’m getting very close to wanting this machine. Three USB ports? You can connect a mouse so it’s easier to move around the screen, no tapping with the little stylus. Something else that really got my attention was the crafting functions. Something I always wanted to do with my machine was paper punching, but after a few stitches the machine would sense that there was no thread in the needle, beep and stop. With the Quattro you can turn off the thread sensor so you can paper punch to your heart’s content.



I could go on and on but you have to see for yourselves. Take a look at the videos. Even if you’re not in the market for a new machine I think you’ll be blown away, as I was, by all this new technology.



 Now I really, really want this machine! I NEED this machine! Fortunately it looks like Brother is offering 36 month financing with no interest (plus a bunch of free accessories) if I get the machine before October 31. Unfortunately I have no authorized Brother dealer within 50 miles and I’ll have to go on a road trip to get it. Fortunately, the price of gasoline has dipped (??) to under $4.00 a gallon. 


I am not a spokesperson for Brother. I am assuming they chose my site to help launch their campaign for Quattro because 1. we get tons of traffic 2. they know I'm a huge fan. Other than the fact that we carry a few Brother products (among many others) on annthegran.com I am not affiliated with the company in any way. We do not and will not be carrying this machine (darn!). With that said, now I’m off to have a very serious conference with Mr. Bill. We’re celebrating our silver wedding anniversary this week. I think a new sewing, embroidering, quilting and crafting machine would be a perfect gift, don’t you? I’d get to use it and Bill would get to watch me. Sounds fair to me!



I'm really wrapped up in the Olympics coverage this week so I've made this blog about the other thing that's got my attention brief. Next week I'll have some digitizing tips, as requested, another travelogue, as requested, my Olympics wrap-up comments and probably a grandma tale or two. 'Til then, get stitchin' and stay out of the kitchen! I'm back to the couch to root for the home team. TTFN.


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Congratualtions on your Silver Anniversary.  It is heart warming to know that marriage can be fulfilling and long lived.  People who give up on marriage too soon end up finding out that life is not like a tooth paste commercial.   God Bless You and Yours, Pat

OMG!  I was thinking the same thing about my BabyLock, it was everything I could ever want and then Brother goes and does this.  

What a bunch of brats they are, tempting me too!  


jalcumbrack 8/15/2008 1:41:17 PM

Oh Ann! I feel the same way about this new machine! Only from the first time I laid eyes on it I wanted it! Now all I have to do is figure out how I'm going to pay for it. I am already reseaching Brother dealers to get in before the October deadline,even if I have to make payments on it, forever!

Happy Silver Ann And Bill!! Not many make it there any more , it is definitly an accomplishment to be proud of. and yes, ok put Bill on , Bill, Ann has worked so hard and so deserves this machine!! Ok, Ann, your turn to call Tom now!!

I love the title of this Blog too, Ann you are such a devil with words...

You must have had some help with those eyes in your photo to get them green - with envy of that machine!


alssweetheart 8/15/2008 9:37:55 PM

I too have been bitten rather savagedly by the new Brother and the new Babylock machines. Anytime you can use someone elses money for free for 3 years is a good thing!!!  A new sewing/embroidery/quilting/crafting machine is like a new outfit :  )  If my husband asks if that is new, I repeat like I am supposed to: "Oh no, I have had that for quite awhile."  24 hours is quite awhile to have a new machine and not decorate the front of the house like it was a Holiday :  )  I am absolutely convinced that I "NEED" it, I only thought I wanted it, now it's a case of NEED.

I am looking forward to Community Circle 2009, it is going to be so much fun!!!

I own the Innov-is 4000D and LOVE.  However, for their 100 year anniversary, 100 new features in the Quattro.  Wow, something has to be said for that!!

Well, Ann, hope your conference with Mr. Bill is getting you that Quattro for your anniversary.  My brown eyes are now green!!!



Just watched the videos of the Quattro machine. What will they come up w/ next??!! I also have the Innov-is 4000D and didn't think any other machine would be able to equal it...however; this is a wonder w/ the view of the sew out area on the LCD screen...an actual "birds eye" view of the sewing bed...straight down onto the sewing area...is unbelieveable!

I have four other Brother machines too...was thinking of trading two of them in on the new Babylock serger, that threads itself w/ a burst of air. However; I may be "re-thinking" that very soon.

I am luck enough to have TWO Brother dealers within a 40 mile radius. I am going down for a personal demo of this machine. Can't wait!!

Hugs...Kath :o)

Why do they always have to temp us with a new machine.  When I retired and decided to start back sewing, I thought I'd try my hand at embroidery.  I bought a Babylock that only had the basics; within a year, I traded up to the Ellageo and just traded up to the Ellegante 2.  My husband said he hoped I was satisfied now, and I told him, not to worry, it was the top of the line.  He said, "They'll come out with a new one soon!"  I didn't have the nerve to tell him that would be September.  We just celebrated our 41st anniversary, so I think I'm safe to keep drooling over the new machines!

Happy anniversery Ann!

I also want this machine.  I have already map quest  the map to my nearest dealer.  It sounds like a nice drive for a great reason.  I have heard how much this is going to cost.  Has that came out yet?

Happy anniversary Ann . Love your blogs , and all the comments. I have a babylock Embroidery machine. Do not know enough about the craft yet .But have downloaded a pattern and made a table square.


Wow what a machine.Right now I only can dream about it.

I am working finally on my Disney PE180.Got that one for a few years now,but never done anything before.

I think about 3 weeks ago I was bitten by the bug.Yikes

I got haywirerd........

Stil learnig boths a new computer and the PE180,but loving it.

Eyeballing with a bigger machine and lots of programms.

No Brother dealer here in down

euginamorin 8/17/2008 12:12:48 PM

Talk about being hooked!!!

I'm waiting to see the new Quattro --

and thinking....

OH, what fun that one would be.... Maybe things I'm thinking will work out to my advantage...

But, need to be patient.  and bide my time....

travelbug1237 8/18/2008 5:17:26 PM

HH Ann,

 Boy if ANYbody deserves the new Brother machine, it's you!!!

Let us know all about it when you get it!!! (Positive vibes are being sent by all of us to your hubby for the perfect anniversary gift he can get you!!!) Smile

Oh, I don't think it's gonna happen for me. Bill said, "Sure, which trip do you want to cancel?" I can dream, along with the rest of you. It's probably a good thing I don't have a local Brother dealer or I'd be over there drooling and signing papers. But, maybe . . .

travelbug1237 8/18/2008 6:02:01 PM

Ann..You have 250,000 Ann the Gran members that can think POSITIVE  thoughts and yes for sure...MAYBE it can happen!!!!...A person CAN win a machine when they are least expecting it.....!!! SmileSmileSmile

Oh Ann..I have a flood of ideas for you to get that machine. Good heavens...I would think the Brother gurus on high would be clamoring for your 'endorsement' of it....seems to me they would want you to 'try it out' to make sure it is really as great as it looks online...& then you'd be telling us quarter of a million members it's great!!!

And as far as canceling a trip....Why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak....

I have an idea ....let me know if you want to hear my ideas. SmileSmile


hookedonembroidery 8/18/2008 10:37:29 PM

Okay....everyone that is reading this and that means you too Cathy (Travel Bug 1237). Tell me WHY I need another embroidery machine when I already have the PR600 11 and the Limited Edition 4000D. Cathy knows I can't part with my 4000D (this is true love ladies) So someone tell me why I really need to buy the 6000D. I need to make up my mind by Sept. 6th.(because of that marketing thing Cathy was talking about.) I don't know how Brother could ever, ever come out with something to top this one. But then I didn't think they could top the 4000D either. I even made a yes list why I need that machine and a no list why I don't need that machine and nothing is working!!   H E L P !


Of course you need the Quattro, Lynn. Don't be silly. I think we have until October 31 for the financing offer and until November 30 for the extra goodies. www.brother-usa.com/Homesewing/Campaigns/36Months/">www.brother-usa.com/.../36Months

ok all. I am going to a dealer this Saturday to see an unveiling of this great machine. And yes, you will need at LEAST 36 months to pay for this. It is around $8,500.00 I have the 2500D so I think I should upgrade. I am just trying to convince my husband of that. Frown

Congrats Ann (and Bill, too) on your 25th wedding anniversary!  We have 2 more years before we celebrate our Silver Anniversary...I can't wait!  

As for the new BL & BR machines, I was also blown away with all new features, but I think for now my Ellegante2 will have to last me another year (or two) before I trade her in on the new BL Ellisimo because we are looking at getting me a new Koala cabinet for my b-day (today)!  On the other hand, BL is offering a 4-year interest free financing plan (SEW very tempting), but unfortunately, the Ellisimo is not even available at my dealers until late October (and they don't do presales).  So, I guess Koala gets my money this year...unless Santa is EXTRA generous and brings me an Ellisimo too.  One can only hope and pray and wish and...

Happy Quilting!


Happy anniversary!!  

After reading all the comments I know for sure I have been right in my decision...I absolutely will not even look at the new machines.  I still haven't repaid the savings account for my SE.  


Hello Ann - my brown eyes are so so green.  I saw the new machine working yesterday and it is even more impressive than the video -  the 'magic eye' and all the other facilities, not to mention the stitched out designs are superb.  Now - what can I do to raise the necessary - hmmmm !!  (Hope you are soon over the hobbling stage and back to being fighting fit).

Hi all.....I went to the American Sewing Expo in Novi Mi and I'am now the proud owner of a Brother 4500D Duetta...WooooHoooo  except I have NO idea how to use it. lol   changed my sewing room around yesterday and going to start embroidering this afternoon......BTW they had the new Quattro $7995.......what a machine...loved it.  Lorie

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