Of course I like green but what’s this KIWI craze really all about?

Now, what is all this about green paper?  This was my initial thought when I first heard the term KIWI paper.  Oh, its paper and you can supposedly embroider on it.  We've all done that before but it is so hard to find really fun designs that don’t ruin the paper. 


OK, I’ll admit that I was skeptical.  But as an embroidery fanatic I often use designs in my other crafting and as I have said before my favorite thing is to see what all I can do with my embroidery stuff.  So, I ordered a few pieces of this KIWI paper – just to see.


Here’s what I did first:



Now, Anna is my second granddaughter and I am soooo far behind in scrapbooking her pictures that it is beyond ridiculous.  For the KIWI paper the challenge was will this paper really work with ANY embroidery design?  So, I picked something fun.  I loved the way it stitched out.  And it really was easy.  Just hoop the Amazing Designs self adhesive stabilizer (or use temporary adhesive spray with your stabilizer).  Then place the KIWI paper on the top of the adhesive and embroider the design.  The monkey and banana came from Amazing Designs Collection Monkey Around.  I used Alphabet Xpress for the title (but of course you could easily use Ann’s Alphabets if you prefer those).


Next I tried this card.  The design is a free one I got from Deegee some time ago.  She said it was OK to share it with you so if you want to try it click here. 



This was so much fun I had to do something else.  Here’s my other granddaughter Emma on July 4th.  I am so very lucky that they live close by and I get to see them often.  The designs are from Annthegran's Americana Festival collection.  I didn't have enough forthought to order any white paper so I just turned some of the scraps from Anna's page over and used the backside.  It worked out great.  A little celebration glitter and another page is done.  Yippee!




This picture reminds me of the funny story of the week (and believe me, with Emma there is one every week).  While we were waiting for the parade on the 4th she asked “Meesy, what are taxes?”  Now how do you explain that to a three year old?  So, I just said that it was the part of our money that we give to the people in charge to do things like build roads and bridges and schools.  The money is used for things that everyone can share.  “Oh.” she said, “Just like City Hall.”  (And that’s another story for another time.) 


Anyway, I can think of lots of things to do with this KIWI paper.  I bet you can think up even more but here is my list:


-         Make designer note cards and monogrammed stationary sets for all my friends like this: 

-         Frame a set of embroidered daisies for the baby’s room or make embroidered frames for her precious pictures.

-         Make fun inserts for those acrylic insulated coffee cups something like this:

 (photo and inspiration for cups courtesy of Nancy at Keeping You in Stitches)

-         Or for in the sippy cups for gifts like this:


-         And then there are luggage and backpack tags, birthday invitations, place cards, napkin wraps, album fronts, checkbook covers, party favors and ……


Here is what I have learned about KIWI paper

-         It is GREAT for embroidery and not with just the outline designs.

-         It folds, prints and cuts like regular paper.

-         I can stamp it, paint it, emboss it and use it in my inkjet printer as well (and use the backside).

-         The manufacturer says is acid free, biodegradable and basically waterproof.

-         And it comes in lots of prints as well as solid colors. 

It gets my thumbs up.  Try it when you get a chance.  And I think you'll have just as much fun as I did.   

Take care,


Just a note:  It's a good idea to change the needle after any projects using adhesives whether sticky paper or spray. 


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jillscustom 7/13/2008 1:58:12 PM

Thank you so much for all of this great information on KIWI paper.  I just ordered a bunch of acrylic items to add to my inventory and I plan to use the KIWI paper (it'll be my first time!).  I have more confidence that these will be great sellers using the KIWI paper!

I've never heard of Kiwi paper, but this is exciting. Like you, my brain is in overdrive thinking of all the possibilities! You just gave me an idea for the perfect gift for each of my employees. Thank you soooooooo much.

Mom always said "if you don't learn something new each day, you've wasted your day."  You've just made my day VERY productive!


Where to you find KIWI paper.  I have never heard of it.


I love that story about your grand-daughter, Diane! I'm always astounded by the things my kids come up with as well, and kids definitely make us all look at the world around us a little differently!

I guess I don't navigate the sites you mentioned very well because I didn't find how many pages are in a bundle.  Also, I didn't find the cute free design on the website when I clicked on it.  I am excited about the ideas, just need some more tutoring for my SLOW mind.  ;>)

sewinggranny 7/13/2008 4:21:33 PM

I know nothing about KIWI paper .  I just wanted to add that my nickname when  I was little was Anna Banana.

Your grandaughters are  beautiful.  I too would like to know where you get KIWI paper.


dalindaleon 7/13/2008 5:07:08 PM

Thanks for the inspiration

Diane actually provided a link to the KIWI paper in her post, but I'll paste it here for those who missed it:



Hi thanks for introducing me to Kiwi paper it sounds awsome! will have to try and track it down here in Australia.  Any ideas?  Jaqui


Very interesting that you blogged on kiwi paper this week as i was net surfing & came across it was going to ask if anyone had used it. Now I know what to use for my Xmas cards. Just one question , Did you use ordinary needles?


Boy was I surprised to see the pictures of the acrylic glasses with the embroidered Kiwi paper that I did here.

I'm flattered that you chose to use them, if you're readers want to see more of my work:


I love this idea.  I cannot wait to do cards for Christmas and Thank You cards.

I'll bet that some teacher would love to have something for her bulletin board as a welcome back to school too!


sheilalawrence 7/14/2008 5:42:16 AM

Sounds great, perhaps I will try it.


Yes, I used general 75/11 needles for both the scrapbook pages and the card.  They worked just fine.


Thanks for doing such inspirational work and letting our community see what you've done.  We appreciate your willingness to share.  I hope you think that this paper is as much fun as I do.

Thank you BB for the link...I had already looked at it, but couldn't find how many pages are in a bundle.  It says on one that there are eight colors, so is that 8 pages?  Or are there multiple pages of each color?  Thanks for the help, just wasn't quite what I was looking for.  Sorry I didn't make myself clear.  :>)

Hi, pyracantha. In the product description for each of the paper bundles, you'll see details about each bundle. If you click on 'Download Information' link in blue, you get a zip file that contains an image of each sheet in the bundle.

I agree with you that this isn't completely clear, as we've had a couple other questions like yours to our Support team. We'll discuss how we can present it better and implement some changes shortly.

Can someone tell me how many sheets are in a bundle of this KIWI paper.  Or is it there and I'm just not seeing this info.  Have been wanting to try it for some time now but was kind of scared.  Guess you took all my fears away with your blog.  By the way the pages are beautiful.

marydebord - The number of sheets depends on which bundle you are looking at. If you click through from any of the links to KIWI paper on this page, you'll see a selection of bundles. Click on any of the bundles for detailed information on a particular bundle, including the number of pages included. If you click on Download Information, you'll get a zip file containing images of all the different paper styles in the bundle.

Sounds like a real challenge, can't wait to try it. I have 12 grandchildren and 9 greats.  But I'm still going and love embroisery.

To pyraacantha, click on the word "here"

Have ordered some paper, had to get from America.Can't wait for it to get here.

this is really a cumbersome way to see what a bundle looks like.  I "downloaded" for the Circus Dots.  There were 8 images -- but I still didn't see how many pages come in a bundle.  Is it one piece of each color?  Did I miss how big each piece is?

It is an interesting idea. I'm interested. I'm sure my mother-in-law will be, too.

My name is Scott Clayborne with KIWI paper and I wanted to say thank you for all your kind words. And yes,  KIWI paper does all of things that you have asked about and more.

Can anyone tell me why me stitching breaks through the card. Have tried general needles & also sharps.

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