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Hello, all ME blog readers.  I got to know many of you at this year’s Community Circle in Orlando. If you were there and don't remember me, there's a picture of me on our About Us page. I also post from time to time in the forums under my username db1921 and I created the coffee cup wrap project on which many of you have commented.


I had such a great time in Orlando, discussing all the different software programs, machine features and embroidery samples. It had been quite awhile since I had come out from behind the scenes of product development and marketing to visit with other ME addicts. Since then I have been reading your posts and decided it is time to join the fun.  I’ll be honest, there is a whole list of blogs that I read from time to time but I have never actually blogged.


I love Cathy’s new sewing room and Judy’s roll holder is now on the top of my wish list.  But, unless Better Homes and Gardens picks mine for their next makeover you WILL NOT be seeing pictures of it any time soon. Is anyone else one of those who moves from craft to craft at lightning speed and somehow always leaves a path of destruction behind?


My favorite thing to do is see “what else” I can do with it.  I do this with everything from my grandmother’s old sugar scoop to my photo software.  But this time let’s share what else we can do with Alphabet Xpress.


Here’s a quick way to make big lettering for alphabet quilts personalized stationary, towels or whatever else you can come up with. Click below to view a video tutorial with instructions for creating great large letters in Alphabet Xpress (if you have Windows Media Player, click here for a larger version that plays on your computer). Then download the Alphabet Xpress trial and try it for yourself.  Just remember to create your widest letter first as that may dictate what you can do in your largest hoop. My alphabet quilt is in the works. When I get it done I will post it.  If anyone else gets one done first I want to see it.



Annthegran’s Jumbo Alphabet is great too.  I have used these to frame the letters for a baby’s nursery and create framed décor for above the fireplace. I even made the word JOY, cut it out and glued it onto a set of old stacked boxes at Christmas last year.  But the holiday items are packed away on the top shelf in the back of the storage room so I'll have to post those later if anyone wants to see.


Big Letter A Anna Anna's Room


Oh, by the way, that old sugar scoop works great in the ice bucket.


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Hello!  I so understand about those great pictures of Cathy and Judy's workrooms.  Perhaps some great carpenter will stop at my door and ask if he can help me with something.... Hmmm...

I did love the coffee cup wrap.  It is so much better than those paper slips that really don't help much.

Excellent Blog and I look forward to more.  Learning is so much fun when it is interactive.


jalcumbrack 6/21/2008 11:23:22 AM

Wow,thank you for the lovely compliment ! I loved your blog,and Pat is so right ! Learning is more fun when it is interactive!!

I also love the Jumbo letters ! What a great idea for a nursery! We have a new baby coming into the family soon,that is a wonderful idea for a gift.

I so understand about the craft room! I am generally pretty organized,but it does get messy in a hurry,My problem as you could see from the photos,is space. So I have to keep it organized or I lose my work area.That area also holds my paint easel,paints,ironing board,hand embroidery stand, and all my other crafts that I do.Once I got it organized,I had to keep it that way.If I get my easal out,the ironing board has to be put away.It is small but it is homey!

Looking forward to reading more of your blogs and tutorials! I do remember talking to you at the Community Circle.Any time you would like to "chat" come one over to the Central Florida forum ! We welcome everyone,even Californians!! (Pat,LOL)

do.When I

travelbug1237 6/21/2008 12:20:40 PM

Hello Hello (HH)  Our Newest Blogger...Welcome aboard!!!

What a GREAT start and SOOO informative!!!  Your 1st, huh? It was GREAT!!!

I will learn a LOT from you!!! Thanks!!!

Yes, I LOVE Pat's wall design for stabilizers too!!!! I can't wait for E to build it!! SmileSmile

CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st blog!!!!! That is SOOOOOO great!!!!


When I have a chunk of time (???) I will THOROUGLY read all the new blogs from you, Ann and Pat..... They ALL look great and interesting!!!,

(but I am suppose to be OFF by now  to go the beach for a class next week.)



P.S. I TRIED to give you 5 gold stars and it (star box) lit up like crazy for a second and then they all went away....I am SO sorry....I don't know why it did that!!!! ....so I HOPE I didn't accidentally bring your average down....just know you got the MAX even though it doesn't show it!!!...OK???

Great information!

I'm beginning to realize that I missed out on a LOT by not making it to Orlando. I was there the following week for my graduation from Florida Hospital College. (I live in Illinois & got my Bachelors in Radiology on-line.) Yes, after 31 years I actually went back to school!

Hopefully, Ann will have another one next year. If so, I'll definitely try to get there!!!

I know what you mean about your craft area. I, too, have remnants from several crafts. I finally got a nice area in the basement when we finished it a couple of years ago, but it filled up quickly!

Thanks again for the blog on lettering. It sounds like you have a LOT of good information to share.

Keep blogging & we'll keep learning!


I love the blogs. I can learn so many things to do. Thank you. Pat

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