Welcome to the AnnTheGran Community!

Welcome to the AnnTheGran Community!

Many people know AnnTheGran.com for free embroidery designs, and that's great, but now the site offers so much more. If you've just been using my site to get free designs, you've been missing out!

If you have a question about anything related to your creative passion, chances are very good that you'll find an answer in our Community. We have over 15,000 regular contributors to our forums, and we hope you'll be one to. Contributing is easy - all you need to do is sign in and start typing! To search in our Forums for a topic that interests you, just go to our main Forums page and type in your topic in the 'Search' box in the top right corner of the page. Click here to visit our main Forums page.

If you're looking for tips from those in the know, presented in an informative but entertaining way, check out our blogs. We have some great writers! A blog is like an online magazine, with articles and lots of pictures. Unlike a magazine however, you can search for exactly what you're looking for in the click of button. Use the 'Search' box in the top right corner of any blog page to find the articles you want. Click here to view a selection of recent articles.

If you just want to look through some photo galleries of what your fellow creative people have been up to, why not take a look at our Galleries section. If you have a photo of something you've made that you'd like to share, putting it up is easy. After just a few clicks, you'll be able to sit back and wait for all those wonderful compliments about your work! To visit our main Galleries page, click here.

Best of all, this is all free! So go and have some fun!

Ann (AnnTheGran) Cobb

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