Keeping It Simple – Scrappy Heart Banner Decor 02

The Christmas tree has been put away(finally), the lights rolled up, the wreaths wrapped and hung in the basement, tinsel and bows and holly boxed up until next winter.  The extravagance of the November/December holiday season is a thing of memories and I am ready to move on to life more simple.  So, for Valentine’s Day, I am continuing to keep it simple with this quick and easy heart banner.

Here is what you need:

-leftover sample pack of square fabrics or 5x5 square scraps

-batting cut to 5x5 squares

-7”x 9” cut away or tear away stabilizer rectangles

-lapel stick or school glue stick

-pinking shears

-embroidery thread


-ribbon of desired length

Here is what you do:

1.       Hoop stabilizer, load design, sew first thread color.

2.       Remove hoop from machine and lay face down on flat surface.

3.       Place dab of glue on corners of wrong side of fabric.  Turn fabric right side up and place over sewn heart, completely covering.

4.       Flip hoop.  Put dabs of glue on stabilizer outside heart stitching

and place batting on top. 

Dab glue on corners of wrong side of another square of fabric, flip and place on top of batting.

5.       Carefully place hoop back on machine.  Sew the rest of the design.

6.       Remove the hoop and cut away any excess stabilizer.

7.       Remove hoop.  Pink around heart.

8.       Repeat steps 1-7 until you have the desired number of hearts.

9.       Sew 2” apart along ribbon.

Make this banner today to add just a touch of love to your home for Valentine’s day (and use up some of those scraps while you’re at it!).  Hope you enjoy making these.

Take care,


PS:  There are two files.  The satin hearts sew out much more quickly than the fancy ones.

Scrappy heart 4x4 (28.1KB)

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