Joan Rivers Made Me Do It! AND Two More Tips!

I am a big fan of Joan Rivers - NOT for her use of foul language - but for her sense of taste and style.  I see her in lovely items that I wish I had.  She is actually just about 5' 2" is a wisp of a woman but she definitely packs a lot of power in that small body! 

I am doing this project in honor of her birthday - June 8, (Look it up if you want more information.)

The other day, she was on QVC which I only watch when Joan is on, and showing some terrific wardrobe items.  As she was doing her usual funny lines, she got serious for a moment and said "tell her to use turquoise and mint green together."  I don't know who she meant that for, but as far as I am concerned, it was for ME!

Then my mind was spinning with ideas of what I wanted to do in those colors.  If Joan says to use them, that is good enough for me!  I did start out with this pillow:


I love the pop of color and enjoy "The Big Bang Theory" as well.  It is my newest favorite item in my home!

Then, it came time for my blog.  The turquoise and mint was calling me again.  So, I found some scraps, a turquoise fabric (scrap from the above pillow) and mint thread from my Madeira (this link is for a NEW collection created by a colorist! and has the perfect mint green.) collection. 

I was in an embossing mood and found this Fleur de lis here at AnnTheGran: I was in love with it at first sight.

Then I gathered my items. I am using a scrap piece of foam as well.  It will give a little puffiness to the project.

I did my sewing - I figured you know what that looks like  . . . .  And, I began my trim with my appliqué scissors.  No one does scissors like Gingher!  I really like the fact that there is a little edge after the cut because it makes it just a little more interesting. 


And the completed project - - (drum roll please!)


I can see this on a tote, jacket, pair of jeans, just about anything that can be embroidered.  (I have discovered that a spider web is absolutely, not embroidery material!)


Tip Corner:

(I hope you don't mind that these are not embroidery, after all, a tip is a tip!!)


For the Holiday weekend, some of us will be working around the house.  It is sort of traditional.  It goes with Spring House Cleaning.

I love to work in the yard, the beautiful weather calls to me.


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Next week I hope to show you what I am going to make from this great centerpiece.

I really like this design because it is classic and classy and NOT too snobby.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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