Glitter Vinyl: Red, White and Sparkling

Next to Angelina fiber, glitter flex vinyl is becoming my new favorite applique embellishment. Bonnie Welsh from Sew Inspired by Bonnie introduced me to this new product and I can see so many uses for it. She did extensive testing with several similar products and chose Glitter Flex Ultra and Glitter Flex II. 

I thought this patriotic applique design was perfect to try it out!

Glitter Flex vinyl is available in 10" x 12" rolls and 10" x 18" rolls as well as 31-color bundles in each size. It has a hard, clear, sticky-backed protective cover that, when pulled away, reveals soft, brilliant vinyl. The viny is adhesive, so it hugs the base fabric and holds up well to repeated laundering.

To make this a freestanding applique, I hooped a layer of Stitch-n-heat film. The first placement stitch was the blue segment of the heart, then remove the hoop from the machine but leave the heat film in place.

Just as with any applique, cut a piece of Glitter Flex slightly larger than the placement stitching. Peel back the protective covering. and set it aside. Spray temporary adhesive on the back of the vinyl (away from the machine) and gently finger-press it in place over the placement stitches.

Put the hoop back on the machine and run the tack-down stitches. Remove the hoop and place it on a flat surface. Carefully trim away extra glitter vinyl close to the stitch lines. Put the hoop back on the machine and run the placement stitches for the heart.

Remove the hoop once again. Peel off the protective covering of the red glitter vinyl, spray the back of it with temporary adhesive, and finger-press it in place over the heart placement stitches.

Put the hoop back on the machine and stitch the tack-down for the heart. Remove the hoop and trim the excess red glitter vinyl. That clear, sticky covering I peeled off earlier: I used it to protect the glitter vinyl scraps I trimmed. You never know when it will come in handy on another applique project! Put the hoop back on the machine and stitch the satin stitches for the blue area.

I decided to add a felt backing, so I sprayed temporary adhesive to one side and finger-pressed it on the back of the hooped heart. Applique uses underlay stitching as a foundation upon which to build the heavier satin stitching finished edges. I let the program run one line of underlay around the edge of the heart then stopped the machine, removed the hoop, and trimed the felt away close to the stitching. I put the hoop back on the machine and started the satin stitch sequence over again.

NOTE: Had I not been so excited to try this out, I should have heat tacked the glitter vinyl with a mini iron according to the excellent instructions. It embroidered just fine, but I did have a pucker I would not have had if I had followed directions!

After stitching is complete, the piece tears easily away from the clear film foundation. Attach a hanger if desired or use it as a coaster for your holiday table.

Check back, I'm sure I will have other projects using this wonderful technique!


Debbie SewBlest

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That is really beautiful!  I think we need to use glitter every day!

Last week, while at the mall, I began to notice how many young - 1-30 years old - were wearing something that had bling.  Their mothers were donned in old worn out items that were faded and ill fitting.  Something is WRONG with that picture.  

If we feel uncomfortable with our bodies, whatever that is, glam it up just the same.  We stop buying because those old "rags" will do, we don't toss things because they are out of date, we keep them in front of the closet and wear them.

Several years ago, I went to my closet and removed everything from my closet that DID NOT MAKE ME HAPPY WHEN I WORE IT.  There was a large pile of clothes on the floor and a lot of empty hangers.  

It was hard to see, but it woke me up!!  I did not feel happy/pretty in my own clothes.

Ladies and Gentlemen - bling to you and look even more glamorous than those kids!


Bonnie reminded me of a helpful tip - use a contrasting thread for placement and tack down stitches. I usually use the same color thread for placement and tack down as the first satin stitch color. It was hard to see it here. The glitter really hides thread, particularly if it is the same color!

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