The Avid Embroiderer Presents - AppliCut - A Bonding of two ideas.

I just made up that word but if you found it elsewhere, well, I still made it up for embroidery.

As a creator of bridal embroidery, I am always trying to find ways to stand out from the crowd.  IMHO, if you are thinking about “what could I do differently?”, I feel your brain is actually working in the background all the time.  Without that ‘cue’ to your brain and senses, you would be less likely to come up with a new idea.  I feel it works like this:  ‘When was the last time you saw a red convertible?’  Your response may be, I have not seen one for awhile.  Then you go to the mall, and suddenly you see many red convertibles.  Previously, you were not seeing what might be there, but the mere suggestion will alert your brain and red convertibles are everywhere (well almost, I hear that convertibles are making a comeback!)

With that in mind, I am able to see things a great deal more often.  I do look at what the young females are wearing - - or not entirely wearing as the case may be.  Many of them are not young ladies, but the few who are make up a terrific group of brides, wives and mothers of the future.

For them, I want something that will stand out for their special day.  Something that they can give as a gift to parents, grandparents and other treasured friends and loved ones.  My guiding passion is to have the recipient feel as happy and delighted as the bride does on this important day.  If I did my job right, the recipient may even shed a small tear.

Most of us know how to create an applique.  If you are not familiar with the applique technique, check here.  Most of us know how to create a cutwork pattern.  If you could use a refresher, this is a great place to read all about it.  One difference between the two processes is that the applique will have a "pre-stitched" outline as to where to lay your applique fabric.  Cutwork just shows a line where to cut before you do the satin stitching.  Applique is often used for more informal items such as quilts and children's designs.  Cutwork is generally used as a more passive way to make embroidery unique.  Cutwork is a lot more subtle.

I selected this design for its light and airy feel.  Wedding items, with the possible exception of the cake, should be simple and elegant.  Additionally, I am looking for something that does not take away from the importance of the words on the hankie which is the main focus. 

As I always say, not being perfect makes me humble and always seeing new ideas after the fact.  I like how this turned out, but I would change the insert.  I did use a large lace which was only a scrap but hanging around, so I used it .  I would either use a more delicate lace or possibly something like chiffon or something metallic.  The design was intentionally small, and I would enlarge it as well.

Here is the start.  The hankie and stabilizer are normal, in this case, I allowed the lace to float (not attached to the hoop) underneath the hoop.  I had done a 'trace' which is where you have the machine check to see where everything will be positioned.

I ran the first portion, the cut area and trimmed away the hankie only.  Make sure that you leave your stabilizer (I am using heat-away) in tact.  Because I don't have the most steady hand, I usually trim away from the stitch line.  Then I trim again to make sure it will not show under the satin area. Incidentally, IMHO, when they use a satin stitch for a cut line, I believe they tend to use a wider satin stitch making the cut more forgiving.

Then, on the back, I cut away the OUTSIDE of the lace that will be saved for another project.  I did a second trim for more precise placement there as well.

Then I placed a  new piece of stabilizer over the top of the project.  The lace and stabilizer is a bit on the loose side and using another layer assures your foot won't get caught and ruin the item.

Here is my final product.  Naturally, I can change any part of it when I do a piece for sale or on a final project.  But I am pleased with the outcome.  I hope you are as well. 

Happy AppliCut to everyone!

I recently noticed that there has been some interest in the Bean Stitch.  You will have some recognition of it when you see it and very little has been written about it.  I did a blog on it and I hope you enjoy reading about this stitch.  I personally would love to see it more frequently in designs.

Today, Joan Rivers passed out of our lives.  I can honestly say that she totally inspired me in many ways.  She often spoke of the humble bee who, by virtue of its body weight to wing ratio should not be able to fly.  She reinvented herself after all sorts of set backs and went ahead with conviction.  She spoke the truth and made us laugh at all sorts of things, including fashion.  My blog of 5/28/2014 was inspired by her, but she inspired me so much more.  RIP

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