Has this ever happened to you? (The ongoing series!)

We are excited to have Eileen Roche, Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery share this content with you, which was originally posted on Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog :

Eileen walked in to my office and in an excited tone, said, “I have something for you!”

Since it was around 3 pm, I was thinking it might be chocolate. No, it was better than chocolate!

We have a new policy at Designs in Machine Embroidery where we ‘celebrate’ mistakes by photographing them. It seems a waste not to try and use our foibles and mishaps in a positive manner.

Anyone who has ever embroidered can probably predict the mishap…

It looks great on top.

But flip the hoop over and you see the problem. I am certain anyone who has embroidered can relate to this mistake happening at least once.

We keep a crew on duty to help undo the mistakes we make.

It’s a full time job!

Looks like we caught Jack sleeping on the job or maybe we are overworking him?!

Thanks for reading!

Reprinted with permission from Eileen's Blog.

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And, how can it be fixed?   Don't unhoop.  Remove the errant stitching.  Place hooped project back onto the embroidery machine.  bump the stitching process to a few stitches shy of the area to be "repaired" and stitch.  First few stitches will over stitch the good stitching.  Watch the process carefully and when the machine has gone a few stitches into the "good" embroidery, bump ahead to the next area to repair.  Hopefully the stitch removal did not distort the fabric and the project is successful.

Never thought to do that. Of course with more dense projects, I don't "think" you can do this. Can you?

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