New Look: Blog, Forum and, Especially, Gallery!

Calling all embroiderers! Now, you can easily upload your project photos to the gallery. I am loving the new look of the blog, and the forum, and ESPECIALLY, the gallery! 

Log onto and sign in. Click on Community and select Gallery. Click sign-in and, because you already logged into ATG, you will automatically be signed into the gallery.

The new gallery is set up much like Pinterest. Any projects you uploaded in the past should show in your overall gallery. To create a new one, click on Create New Gallery.

Name your new gallery and add a description, then click Create. Think of gallery names as organizers and name them accordingly, just as you would when organizing your embroidery files (see this po for ideas). 

To add images, click on the download icon.

Go to the area where your project photo is located, whether it is your hard drive in a picture library or on a thumb drive. Click on the photo to select it and drag it into the Add Images window. You can also browse your computer and select the file, just as you would to upload an image to Facebook or Pinterest, Often, it is easiest to copy files you want to upload to your computer desktop where they are easy to find.

The file name will show in the Drop Files Here window. Click on the upload button to add the image to the chosen gallery.

In the Edit all Images area, you should name your photo something descriptive. Otherwise, the file name of the photo may not tell viewers what the project is about. You may also add a description of the project and tags(add tags one at a time by hitting ENTER key after each tag) which will help with searching for projects. When you are done, click Save All Changes.

Your new gallery will show in your gallery section. Like Pinterest, you can click on a photo in a gallery and set it, or change it, as the cover photo.

I dragged old photos to my desktop and created another gallery specifically for applique.

I can see I have a lot of work to do!

Debbie SewBlest

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