Applique With Angelina Fibers and Films

It's easy to stitch interesting applique when using heat-fix Angelina films and fibers. They fuse to each other and nothing else, allowing you to layer films and fibers to create colorful dimension, texture, and sparkle.

Start with an applique pressing sheet or, if you don't have one, use two pieces of paper or parchment paper. Place a piece of fusible Angelina film on the paper and gently layer strands of heat-fix Angelina fibers on top. Fold over the pressing sheet or paper and apply a hot iron without steam.

Less is more; you can always add to the piece easily by just layering and heating. You can also mix and match colors. This piece was made from scraps of three different colors of fiber and two colors of films. 

When you are satisfied with your creation, it's time to applique!

This is a Maple Leaf by Amazing Designs. After the placement stitch, spray temporary adhesive on the back of the Angelina piece and finger-press it in place. Stitch the tack-down as you would with any other applique design. Appliques by Amazing Designs work particularly well with this technique because they use a more substantial bean stitch for the tack down rather than a lighter redwork-type tack down. They also stitch generous widths of satin stitching to finish the applique, making them a good choice for anyone new to machine embroidery applique.

Trim excess applique from outside the tack-down stitches.

Then, finish stitching and you have an extraordinary applique design!

Debbie SewBlest

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What a beautiful idea!  I was thinking of all the things you could use if you did not have the Angelina film.  I might tear up some used drier sheets, or even tissue.  If you were to tear up something like onion skin paper (if that is still around) you could place it in a cup of tea and have the stain show up on the paper creating an autumn look.  

Love this one, I am going to play with it!
Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Oooh, how cool would this be on an Angel or Snowman applique?  

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Pat, you will love Angelina! Once you try it, you will find many uses.

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