The Computerist Presents - Steampunk and other Freebies

What the heck is Steampunk?  Well, its called steampunk because it is a mix of steam powered era style and futuristic style, sort of as if the future happened in the past (if that makes any sense). Its punk because its a bit of that style thrown in. So really you can call anything that looks futuristic and also belongs in the steam powered era steampunk.

Here is the link. It is really a DIY site called Instructables, with some interesting ideas.  For instance, have you ever wanted to make your own 'Swiss-Army Knife?' No? Well, here are the instructions anyway.

And for those of us who do love sewing, there is a whole section on tips and interesting takes on sewing.  This one in particular is about creating a pocket where there is none. 

Instructables has food, technology, crafts and a whole slew of interesting and helpful ideas.  You will smile from time to time as well.


Next is something more practical. If you have been taking some video files and wish you could do more to edit them, here you are! 



This is a great site for anyone who finds learning to be the fun and interesting venue that it truly is:  This site does not actually teach the classes, it points you to where to find the free classes.  How can you ask for more than the "Who's Who of Education?"  -


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