Exhibition of African Folklore Embroidery Art draws 20,000 people

I was so excited by the number and diversity of entries and the positive response from over 20,000 people that viewed the African Folklore Embroidery Exhibition at the Road to California Quilt Show. While the rules of African Folklore Embroidery are simple,  (‘Whatever color you choose to stitch is the right color”; Chain stitch is the dominant stitch; You do not need a hoop and The designs are pre-drawn on black over-locked fabric), each entrant took the design to a unique level, introducing beads, buttons, silk ribbons and converting these designs into wearable-art aprons, table runners and walll-hangings. You can see some of these designs in this blog as well as on my face book page.



Congratulations to First Place winner, Katherine Blaire of Agoura, CA.  Her wall hanging, comprised of five embroidered kits, consists of the four teacup designs and the African Kettle. According to Katherine, "The inspiration for this quilt came from the desire to create a project that would 'tie together' the creative talents of my mothers, my daughter and me. Collaborating across the country, between CA and IN, our wall hanging took shape. With the addition of the metal spoon pin from my grandmother, four generations of creative tea drinkers are now represented.”




Second place was awarded to Claire Jungerson for her beautiful color coordinated table-runner including the Poppy, Rose and Sunflower design.




Vicki Hamilton won third pace for her innovative and creative apron, which included teacups and a kettle.


Honorable mentions were received by Laura-Kong for her exquisite hanging beaded African Village, Bonnie Swielson, St Paul, MN for her silk woven African elephant kettle, Satah Humphrety, MN for her fabric infused rooster on an apron, Ginny Phillips, Santa Fe, NM and Nancy Mastrioni for her amazing and colorful quilt that incorporated several designs. 


To all those who participated, thank you so much.  Your work is beautiful and I look forward to your new entries! We have launched the $500 challenge.






To participate in the $500 Challenge,


Choose any one or more of the following designs: rooster, flowers, African baskets, kettle or sea shells,


Stitch one or more and make into a quilt, pillow , wall-hanging or wearable art piece to exhibit and


Enter at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival, July 23-25th 2010.


Completed designs need to be submitted by no later than July 10th 2010 to www.aflembroidery.com


Questions: contact Leora Raikin @(818) 999-6094 or info@aflembroidery.com


If you would like postcards about the challenge mailed to your guild, please let me know and I will be happy to get them to you!


When you sign up to become a friend of African Folklore Embroidery on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=234386778169 you will be the first to see new designs, hear about upcoming exhibitions and receive special offers.


I Teach African Folklore Embroidery Classes around the country, here are a few upcoming lectures and workshops


**Feb 10th 4-6pm Exhibition @ Calabasas Library, lecture and interactive workshop for children & adults 23975 Park Sorrento, Calabasas, CA 91302-4015

**Feb 18th 7pm, Lecture, High Country Quilter Guild, Palmdale

**Feb 19th Workshop 6 hours, High Country Quilters Guild

***Feb 28th Advanced fabric fiber African Folklore Embroidery workshop @ Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations, Palm Springs (760) 772-2400

March 9th Lecture, River walk Quilters Guild, Illinois

March 10th Workshop, River Walk Quilters Guild, Illinois


Special offer from Jan 27th-Feb 28th, Receive a Free copy of my Book, Safari through African Folklore Embroidery with any purchase of $30.00 or more! The book is for quilters, knitters and those who enjoy beading, stitching and being creative!


Wishing you good health and plenty of creative time in 2010

Leora Raikin




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