Taking African Folklore Embroidery to a new level... African Kettles and grocery bags

While I love teaching the techniques to complete a African Folklore Embroidery, I get even more pleasure in seeing how each person takes their design to a whole new creative level. Chain stitch is the dominant stitch, and any color can be used to stitch on the pre-drawn black fabric, however what each person does with the chain stitch differs considerably. Some will do a  tight chain stitch, with no open spaces, others will use silk ribbons or metalic thread to embellish the chain stitch by using a technique known as the "Mola Barbara Interweaving technique" to wrap around the chain stitch. This creates a "rope-like" three dimensional appearance. Others will fill an area with chain stitch in a vertical manner and others in a horizontal manner and according to the consistent direction of the chain stitch, this takes on various effects. To  illustrate this, view the African kettle design, each one completed so differently.  


We can learn so much from the creativity of others. In a classroom setting, I always encourage my students to look around at what other people are doing. So many times, colors or threads we may not have thought of incorporating are inspired when we look around. I, too am constantly inspired by the creativity of my students and am in awe of their completed designs, taking the techniques I have taught them to a whole new level! 

Reusable grocery bags

Many African Folklore Embroidery enthusiasts have stitched  their completed designs onto reusable grocery bags. Once completed the design can be easily hand stitched onto the grocery bag. No sewing machine is necessary and within minutes one has a stunning reusable grocery bag, that will attract a multitude of compliments and be enviromentally friendly at the same time.

In addition our kits are socially responsoble as the African threads included in the kits create employment for women in South Africa. All threads are enviromentally friendly and comply with the strictest procedures.  The African variegated threads are offered in over 200 colors and available in silk ribbons, stranded floss, rayon and pearl 8, 5 and 12 cotton. 

Free give-away in Month of February

In celebration of black history month, we are giving away a free signed copy of my book, Safari through African Folklore Embroidery when you spend $25 or more! Offer valid till Feb 28th 2010  Click here to see all the current designs.

Would you like to win $500 in cash?

By entering the African Folklore Embroidery $500 challenge and having your completed African Foklore Embroidery design exhibited at the Long Beach International Quilt Festival, July 22-25th you will become eligible to win 1st prize in this exciting and creative compeittion. details of the competition and how to submit your entry are in my  last blog.

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