Keeping It Simple - Valentine Candy Bar Wrappers

Our daughter's car broke down in the snow this week.  Michael was not available so she called me to come and help her.  What I know about cars you can fit in a thimble!  So, what was I thinking when I opened the hood and stared into the engine?  Who knows- brain freeze I guess!  But there we were, standing in the single digit temps  trying to decide what it could be and what we should do next.  Could it be out of gas?  We put some in and still it did not start.  It could be the battery, right?  Should we try to jump it?  I do have cables but having a good husband and five brothers I have never actually used them.  After a few minutes in the freezing cold we got smart and just left it there.  One of the "experts" could figure it out later - we were going somewhere warm.  Well, the car is in the shop and, since she works close to our house, she is staying with us until it is fixed.

Sunday is Valentine's Day and a fun day to spend with the one we love. But not everyone has a "valentine" every year.  Lisa doesn't have one this year and was talking about it the other night. Our granddaughter decided she could be her aunt's valentine and wanted to make something special for her - not just a card. "I want to REALLY be her valentine." she said.  "So I have to give her special candy too, right?"  This sensitive child never ceases to be the inspiration for my "keeping it simple" projects. These quick little candy bar wrappers are perfect for any valentine whether it is a co-worker, friend or aunt.

What you need:

Scrap fabrics

Sentiment designs (Click here to download mine)

Embroidery thread

Tear away stabilizer

Double sided tape

Pinking shears

Scrap ribbon, crystals, buttons or whatever embellishments you desire.

What you do:

1. Make sure your scrap fabric is wider than you candy bar and will wrap all the way around with some overlap.

2. Hoop the stabilizer and fabric.  Embroider the design of your choice.  Carefully tear away most of the stabilizer.

3.  Center the design on the front of your candy bar.  Turn face down and mark about 1/4" in from the edge of the bar sides above and below the bar.  Remove the bar and draw a vetical line down both sides.  Cut along that line using pinking shears. 

4.  Center the design on the front of your candy bar again.  Wrap one end around and mark it where you will cut it.  Repeat with the other end.  Draw the horizontal lines and cut along that line using pinking shears.

5.  Use the double sided tape to keep the wrap in place.  Add embellishments if you like.

Note:  We tried one using Kiwi Paper and it worked as well.  You could do them for any holiday or occasion such as graduations, baby announcements or even using your favorite pick for the World Series this year.  Make anything you want using Alphabet Xpress.

Hope you enjoy the project and have a fun Valentine's Day.

Take care,


PS:  Since Lisa is staying here and has a dog we are back up to three again.  Hmm.


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Absolutely genius, your granddaughter is a marvel, isn't she?? Have been housebound for weeks, due to rain/ice/snow/mud and I was looking for a nice "simple" gift idea and you and Emma provided it, THANK YOU!!

Nita in Oklahoma

I just love your simple ideas.  Thanks for the designs too!


This reminded me of one Christmas when my brother sent a candy bar to my son.  He carefully slipped off the sleeve and placed a $100 bill inside the candy.

Mike, my son got the candy and thought his uncle was a little goofy.   He put the bar in a kitchen drawer where it stayed for 2 months.  Finally, Mike felt like a little chocolate and - -  what a surprise.  Christmas was late but it was a big laugh for the whole family.


What a neat, and simple gift.  Thank you for sharing.

oh i love it !!!

greets from austria

Love the candy wrapper idea! Simple and unique!

Love the unusual especially for handmade treats.

It tells me someone put some thought into it.

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