Now this is REALLY cute! (And so quick and simple!) - Get ready for Easter!

Hi Everyone!  Sometimes I'll see a design and instantly 8 projects spring to mind that I want to create using that design.  That's what happened yesterday when I got my latest e-mailing from AnnTheGran  with The Embroidery Studio designs, and the design they chose to feature on the ad just struck a chord with me.  I fell in love with that little fuzzy chick and instantly I had plans....all I needed was some time!

Well, I didn't get all of my ideas brought to life yesterday---but I did get my most favorite one completed.  And I think you'll be amazed at how fast it went.  All I did was take a couple of cocktail napkins and well...I'll let the photo speak for itself:


With this little project, there isn't a long supply list and no lengthy directions.  I literally took two Crochet Edge Border Cocktail Napkins, embroidered the design on one of them, then stitched them together along the edge on three sides.  I had an instant little "pocket" to tuck in easter grass and all the yummy candy I could find.  Crazy simple! 

Now, I ran out of time to get all my ideas brought to life for this blog--in fact I'm posting this about 2 hours before it gets published (whew!).  What I really intend to do is use these little "baskets" as place settings at our Easter table for all the little ones.  And to complete the table, I've got the matching Crochet Lace Edge Dinner Napkins.  These lightweight, Springtime napkins will be perfect for our somewhat casual luncheon.  Here's a photo of them (that's the napkin on the left), along with a link to where you can purchase yours: 

I also have big plans for the new Cotton Flat-Weave Cocktail Napkins.  They are about 9" square, which I think is the perfect size for little girls who like to have tea parties.  So I was thinking of maybe embroidering a set of 4 for the little girl I know who puts together the most wonderful little parties.  My little boy, Jake, is more interested in running his cars around the table...but that's another story.  Here' a link to the new Cotton Cocktail Napkins if you think you might like to give this idea a whirl:

I so enjoy the change of season into Spring.  Here in the South, we're expecting a gorgeous Sunny day with a high of 68.  My mom just arrived in town last night, and she and I are going quilt shop-hopping all day here in Atlanta.  What a perfect day to be out and running around!  (And I'm sure there's a quilt kit or two out there just waiting to come home with me.)  But before I hit the Atlanta highways, I wanted to share this fun project with you...I think it's so important that we complete little projects like this one.  I never get as much sewing time as I want with my embroidery machine, but when I can finish things like this, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  I hope you feel the same way!

Keep on stitchin,


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Susan - What a great idea.  I love your high quality products as well.

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

Love your napkins!  What a cute and easy to do project.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy the sunshine.  I am in rural Wellston, Oklahoma and it was 72 degrees yesterday, but today we are having a blizzard.  Hope this is it for old man winter this season.  I really like the easter chick.  Thanks, Jackie

cherrylmaree 4/17/2011 4:50:36 AM

Lovely ideas and bright and cheery blog..thank you Susan.

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