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Unique Bridal Linens

Unique Bridal Linens

Every day I see digitizers trying to create something new for machine embroidery.  I see things like candy holders, free standing lace items, beautiful floral designs and lettering - of all sorts.

Additionally, I frequently see letters attached the strangest things - bunnies, cupcakes, Christmas Lights, toys, cars and all manners of items that someone might use a single time.  Frankly, when a site says they have a new font design and I see a smiley face with a letter on it, I really don't see any imagination at work.

As frequent readers know, I do items for brides and gifts for weddings and anniversaries. Among those are linens of all sorts. I even include the ‘baby bump' items because many brides do have babies on their minds.

There are many ornate, attractive and simple monograms to choose from but sometimes I seek items that are really unique. I want the truly one-of-a-kind (known as ‘ooak') on many of the sites.

Since I don't digitize (not to any degree of proficiency) I look to my stash of lovely and interesting designs to create something for my brides.

I have been thinking of how to do just that for some time now and after a few set backs, I have come up with a few ideas. My original idea was to start with one of my designs and remove some of the stitching. It would work something like this (example of my thought, not really a good working idea):




My original thinking was to remove (by stopping my machine or through software) a color or two to leave room for a letter/name. I wanted to be sure that the original design was still recognizable. This design worked, I could still see the milk can but it did not leave a lot of empty area. It would have made a great kitchen towel design and putting a name or letter in the collar area might just be great. It is just not linen workable.

If you don't remove some stitching, you might get ‘bullet proof' embroidery. Just like its name, it is dense and difficult to stitch the final stitches. In fact, you will hear your machine pounding on the fabric.

The next thought was to use something that was simply an outline. That works well, especially if you use a thick monogram to offset the outline.




There was little or nothing to do on that design. It was quick and easy to do. A cat lover will enjoy summer napkins for a fun BBQ will be terrific with this one. Don't forget to put this on an apron with a name rather than the monogram to add to the festivities.

Here are some of my designs that I am going to be putting on my site. They will be eye catching - IMHO!

Watch for areas that lend themselves to a monogram.



Make the placement off center for more interest. I am an asymmetrical kind of person.



Do the letter on top or bottom of the design.


The look changes so much with just a little tweaking.


Make sure you have the recipients' interests in mind.


I like to have contrasting colors as much as possible. However, if you are doing everything in a single color, such as white work, that is great as well. But for real "pop" give me high contrast every time.

If you did not notice that the Dakota collections are on sale, you need to check it out!  This one is part of the Heirloom 4 Collection and ONLY $11.98. I personally have never seen Dakota that inexpensive! These are perfect for this technique.


Lastly, for baby's first bib - - - - ta da . . .


It says "S S Mason." Most machines have the ability to slant letters and with a little discovery sewing on scraps of fabric, you may have the best of the best bib for a child.  And the bonus, these bibs are on sale!!!

I hope you like my ideas as much as I like sharing them. It is a fun part of embroidery.

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euginamorin 3/5/2011 9:22:42 AM

WOW! what a great read - and full of ideas that will come

in handy. Thanks  Eugenia

Thank you Eugenia!  I am so inspired by Comments. When I get a lot of them, I just go into 'idea' mode. (Truly, Comments make my day!!!)

I feel like ideas beget ideas. You read mine and you add something of your own. Or you see a use for something that is not necessarily related - like an applique and combining it with something else.

As I always note, I love sharing and getting new ideas from you as well.


Thank you for your ideas and pointers, my sister is getting married next month and I'm trying to decide what to make/embroidery for them.

Sherry - I hope you get a chance to photograph your items. I often forget to do a photo so I have only a few of my items to show.

You can put those photos in the Forum area, the upload is in the film strip icon when you start your discussion.  

I do recommend that you do things that are for daily use (like kitchen towels and pillowcases) and one special item as an heirloom (perhaps table cloth and matching napkins).  The daily items are a great way to remind your sister of you and the heirloom is to have for generations to come.

As you are working on those items, you will feel so much joy!


nancymichalek 4/13/2011 12:32:02 PM

Hi Laughing  I am late responding because of surgery.

In a month is a Bridal Shower for a close friends' daughter.

Perhaps you can help me.  I am trying to create a handerchief for the Bride  to use at the ceremony.  I want lace on 3 sides of the handercief but on the last corner I want a lace that drops down & then above it on the handerchief corner I will embroider her new initials.  I'm haveing trouble finding the corner drop lace (& even the lace on 3 sides.  Hard to find something 'lacey' enough for a wedding.

Any ideas?  Thanks for your help.

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