Embroidery Advisor Presents Appealing Animal Apparel

Starbird Inc. has been dedicated to the embroidery industry for the past 25 years.  Our talented and educated staff has many combined years of embroidery digitizing experience.  Along with custom digitizing we also do stock designs which are all professionally digitized at our headquarters in Minnesota and all our designs can be found on AnnTheGran.  This is our first blog so we hope you enjoy it and will be able to use the designs we are featuring.

Who doesn’t love animals?  Whether they are exotic or farm animals, I think most people are fascinated by the wild world of animals.   

I remember going to the zoo as a kid and being in awe of all the different exhibits.  You can see animals in their natural habitats with their new babies wandering around as if they were in their homelands, yet here they are only an hour away from your own home!

It seems that most children become obsessed with a specific animal in their childhood whether it is a dog or a tiger.  I am sure you can recall yourself or your child having to bring that raggedy old stuffed teddy just about everywhere you went?



If you currently have a child whom is madly in love with animals, why not create a shirt or pillow pal with their favorite animal?  The Animal Faces & Tails design packs are just what you need for your own little ones.  (Now on sale - at 50% off regular price) Add some spray paint to the shirt around the embroidery designs to create a great looking garment.  You may have your own little monkey or little stinker (yes there even is a skunk) that you could create a special gift for? 




Another fun gift would be a pillow pal for nap time; see Pillow Kids (Now on sale - at 50% off regular price) for instructions on embroidering your very own pal, which can be downloaded in a PDF file by clicking here which will take you to the page with the link where you need to click on Download Information.

I bet you can’t wait to make & give your little ones these adorable t-shirts or pillow pals!  Wouldn’t these make the purrrfect gift? 

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Thanks for reading!

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marronwally 3/26/2011 6:55:49 PM

love this idea being on a budget this is the perfect gift for my 10 grandkids thanks for the idea

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