Hooping 101: In Snap Hoop Monster by Designs in Machine Embroidery

The Hoop-Setter for Monster Hoops is here to revolutionize your embroidery experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of hoop placement and say hello to precision and efficiency in your stitching.

Unveiling the Hoop-Setter: The Hoop-Setter for Monster Hoops is a game-changing accessory designed to simplify and enhance your embroidery process. This clever tool is engineered to make hooping a breeze, saving you time and frustration. Whether you’re a seasoned embroiderer or just starting, this accessory promises to make a significant difference in your stitching journey.


  • Precision Alignment: Hooping fabric in a monster hoop can be a daunting task, often resulting in misaligned designs. The Hoop-Setter eliminates this issue by providing a precise alignment guide.
  • Time-Saving: With the Hoop-Setter gone are the days of trial and error while attempting to align your hoop correctly.
  • User-Friendly: Even if you’re new to embroidery, the Hoop-Setter is incredibly easy to use. Its intuitive design and clear instructions make it accessible to embroiderers of all skill levels.
  • Consistency: Achieving consistency in embroidery projects is crucial, especially if you’re working on batches of items. The Hoop-Setter’s reliable alignment system helps maintain uniformity across your designs, giving your creations a professional edge.

Simply place the Hoop Setters on a work surface and slide Snap Hoop Monster metal frame into the Hoop Setters. Place your stabilizer and fabric over the bottom frame and then using the Hoop Setters align your top frame and snap in place. Watch Eileen demo the Hoop Setters on a towel:

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To watch a complete demonstration of different kinds of fabrics watch our Between Friends Facebook Live!

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