Tips for Crisp Embroidery Fonts

Want your embroidered text to come out crisp and clear? These tips will help!

Since fonts are on sale for $2.99 until 7/13, this blog fits right in.

Use a Topper

Embroidering on a heat-away or water-soluble topper makes a tremendous difference, especially with small, thin alphabets as well as any fabric that is not a quilting cotton. Even t-shirt knits benefit from using a topper.

Toppers also make it quite a bit easier to trim jump stitches, especially when there is a lot of text in the project.

Use a topper with designs that feature both delicate and bold fonts. The topper will not hurt thicker fonts and will help thinner fonts.

Use a Smaller Needle

With smaller alphabets that do not have a lot of heavy satin stitching, consider using a smaller embroidery needle, like a 70/10 or 75/11. Larger needles leave larger holes that are not only unsightly but can alter the font.

Stitch With a Lighter Weight Thread­

Typical machine embroidery thread is 40-weight. For delicate fonts, especially those that are in a cursive style, a lighter weight thread will make a big difference. Consider using a 60-weight thread for more fine alphabets.

Debbie SewBlest

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