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Battenberg Lace Tree Skirt Makes a Unique Wedding Gift

Battenberg Lace Tree Skirt Makes a Unique Wedding Gift

Typical gift ideas for newlyweds include linens, fine china, or kitchen wares. But if you are looking for a wedding gift unlike any other, consider a monogrammed Christmas tree skirt.

Ann's Battenberg Lace tree skirt looks quite elegant and is perfect for beginner machine embroiderers because it's landscape allows for easy design placement. Measuring 43" in diameter, the main band is ideal for 5 x 7 size hoops and the inner ring is ideal for 4 x 4 designs.


The Designs

Each scallop along the skirt edge comes to a point made by the Battenburg Lace. These are perfect aids for design placement. Designs can be centered above each point or between points. The hardest thing will be deciding which designs to use. You might consider three, six, eight, or 12 designs. Red areas show design placement.

Ideal choices for a 12-design tree skirt are the 12 Days of Christmas, by Adorable Ideas and Amazing Designs, or the Nutcracker Suite. Corner or border designs will work well along the open back edges


Six- and eight-design tree skirts could be stitched using several options. Create your own scene combinations with Winter Scapes for a Currier and Ives feel.



Poinsettias and Pine Boughs are elegant and a good neutral design that will fit any décor style.
If you want a more hand-stitched look, choose the new Winter Redwork or new Christmas Gold collections or the adorable Bundle of Bears cross-stich.
The Monogram

Tree skirts above feature a monogram front and central, personalized for the newlyweds. The large center initial is the couple’s last name initial with her first name initial on the left and his on the right. 

If monograms make you nervous, use Machine-Embroidered Monograms for the Home. It takes all the guesswork out of monograming, from placement to proper etiquette. You might also want to use the Holly Alphabet for a holiday-themed monogram.

Instead of a monogram, you could embroider the couple’s first names, as in Jocelynn & Bill, or add their wedding date centered under their names or monogram.

Inner Circle
For the inner circle band, stitch Fancy Snowflakes that can also be interspersed among the main designs for accents. Or use borders and corners that coordinate with your primary designs.
You may also wish to stitch text there, such as …my true love gave to me… if using the 12 Days of Christmas designs.

  • Iron medium- to light-weight interfacing to the back of the tree skirt, stopping and trimming where the fabric meets the lace edge so it doesn’t show through the lace. Interfacing plus stabilizer means less puckers and a more professional stitch out.
  • Before hooping, iron the tree skirt using a stiffening spray.
  • For a hand-made look, choose heavier cotton threads for redwork, goldwork, or cross-stitch designs. Test stitch first to be sure you are getting the look you want.
  •  Metallic threads add sparkle to holiday designs, especially snowflakes.
  • If the thought of choosing thread colors makes your head spin, order the Christmas 1 pack from Amazing Designs. It contains holiday designs and 18 spools of Madeira thread at a $60 savings!
Thank you for reading my first blog at AnnTheGran
- Debbie

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Love al that pretty desings

Sorry but I don't think anyone learned anything with this blog.  You should have given a pattern for making a skirt from scratch.


I disagree with marsuz.  This was great inspiration.  The one featured can be purchased or you could make one from circle of fabric.  I have a battenberg lace tree skirt that I embroidered with nativity designs and then did an underskirt to give it some color and a little more stability.  Turned out great.  Always great to get ideas.  

This is just what I needed to provide inspiration for using a favorite design set! Thanks for the placement illustrations and great advice for working with the fabric before, during and after stitching.  A great article, thanks for sharing!

Great article,beautiful tree skirt and instructions.

When you are sharing information, we all learn!

Thank you for this excellent idea for the newlyweds!!!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

I notice you are still sending my emails to  I will be cut off this email address soon.  My new email address is  Would you please use that email address?  Thank you.

Beverly Brewer

Great inspiration for a gift.  I love giving unique gifts that are labors of love.  This is an idea I will log in my idea book and share with my daughter.

Thanks for your kind words!

As the newest addition to ATG's blogging community, I really would like feedback about the types of things you would most enjoy reading or learning in the Sew Easy blog. Let me know!

Back to the tree skirt.  It starts with a blank and then you add whatever you wish.

Completed projects would have been nice to see.

The trouble with blogs -(1) too much yaha, yaha and (2) they take away from the General Discussion on the Forum.  

Get to the point early on and then add all the drama you wish.

I think this Tree Skirt is beautiful with the pineapples. I have perused a few of the embroidery collections but have not been able to find the pineapple collection. Is it available on your site?



The pineapples are already made on the tree skirt that is available from Ann the Gran at"> It will save so much time, because you don't have to create this skirt. All that is necessary is buying the ready-made Battenberg lace tree skirt and embroidering the designs!

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