Sweet Sweet Shoes

Our baby girl just loves shoes, anyone's shoes will do.  She brings them to be put on and clomps around, falling about every other step.  She carries them around hugging them like they were baby dolls, pushes them in her stroller and throws them in the trash (then wants them back out of course).  It is so funny to watch.  She also loves the handmade shoes she has so much that I decided I had to try my hand at making a pair.  I think these will be adorable with her pink cords.


I found a great set of instructions here.  I had to enlarge the pattern since our little one is not a newborn and I put some embroidery on the tops but otherwise I followed these instructions.  I used minky for the lining and corduroy for the outside.  For the sweet lettering I used the new Quick Font Lettering that Annthegran has just introduced.  It isreally quick and there are a ton of fonts to choose from.  And you can choose from the one line or two line options.



You just

1. Chose  the format for your machine.

2.  Choose the font you want to try.

3. Type up to 20 characters.

4.  Choose the best size for your project.



Click the preview button to see your lettering.  You can see the design information to the right of the preview.  If you like you can change the thread brands and color of the lettering.  Or create an envelope shape like I did and choose the fabric type to get the best underlay and pull compensation for your project.

Put it in your cart, download it and off you go.  This is one of the the easiest ways to get customized lettering just when you need it.  No software required!

I will be making more of these cute little shoes.  They were really very easy.  I'll post them in the gallery when I get them done.  Maybe some matching headbands would be fun to do.

Take care,





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That is so COOL!  What a great way to do so many different things!

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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