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Fancy Scrap Bag

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Using a Stabilizer Window

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Winners in the African Folklore Embroidery $500 Challenge

Winners in the African Folklore Embroidery $500 Challenge


The entries in this year African Folklore Embroidery $500 Challenge, were spectacular. Congratulations to first place winner, Roberta Peterson from Woodland, Washington. Roberta attended an African folklore Embroidery class that I taught at Monica’s quilt and bead shop in Palm Springs and she was hooked. She embroidered nine different kits and them compiled them into a magnificent quilt.

 I first met second place winner, Carol Cunningham- hutte at a workshop I gave to the Mountain View EGA Chapter. She beautifully embroidered the paisley flower and poppy design and stitched a handbag with a completed design on each side. 

Third place winner, Catherine Redford is from Naperville, Illinois. I first met Catherine at Road to California and then again in a class I taught in Illinois. Her sea life quilt consisting of the coral, shell and under the sea design is colorful and beautiful. Thank you to all who submitted entries; all the entries can be viewed on the African Folklore Embroidery facebook page at


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 It was wonderful to see all the entries in the booth at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. Over 20,000 people attended the show and all were impressed at the standard and quality of the quilts on display.

Summer has been a busy time with conferences, trade shows, lectures and of courses the classes for children at the Summer Art Academy, which my mom and I taught together.  I was so excited to see the article in the Los Angeles, Daily News and in the Long Beach Press Telegram about African Folklore Embroidery. https://www.dailynews.com/education/ci_18576364

I look forward to seeing you at the American Sewing Guild Conference/ Vendor Mall- Aug 19th- August 21stWestin Bonaventure, Los Angeles, CA - 404 South Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90071

 .  You can register for the vendor mall.   I will be teaching the following classes at the conference. You can register onsite at the American Sewing Guild Conference.

·      Fri, Aug 19th 10.30 AM introduction to African Folklore Embroidery,

·      Fri Aug 19th 2pm Fabric Appliqué with beading the African Folklore Embroidery way.

·      Sat, Aug 20th 2pm- 5pm Safari through African Folklore Embroidery Registration/ details maria@asg.org


For those in the San Diego area who would like to experience Safari through African Folklore Embroidery, you can attend a lecture, Sept 1st  or workshop , Sept 3rd . Details: Fallbrook Community Center
341 Heald Lane, Fallbrook, CA 92088 Registration: jeg8s@verizon.net or Linda Smith 951-295-6252

 I am looking forward to being in Monterey to lecture and give workshops

Sun, Sept 11th Workshop hosted by Monterey Peninsula Quilters,10am- 4pm :515 Junipero Street 
Pacific Grove, CA  (831) 484- 1467 Stan2Rita@sbcglobal.net.

 Sept 12th Lecture hosted by Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild 93950Monterey Peninsula College Family and Consumer Science Building, Monterey, CA

Don’t forget to view our new kit designs and beautiful thread colors. We are offering 15% off everything till Aug 31st. www.aflembroidery.com


To schedule a lecture, workshop or class, call/email Leora Raikin info@aflembroidery.com or (818) 999-6094




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