Emergencies are the Mother of Invention

When it comes to family, the words family emergency causes me to have chills. We all know what those words mean and I hope you are not having one right now. But I am and I considered not blogging until this was settled. However, so many things were coming forward that were positive and interesting that I want to share them with you.

The crisis portion is over but the related issues will continue for an unknown time. Making decisions under the gun can be so stressful, but I found a few things that helped me through those times. Learning that considering the absolute worst and best outcomes - while discounting everything in between - helped keep me focused. Just preparing to leave California for Phoenix in the middle of July was challenging. Here are some things that may be of interest to you.

Most of you know that I have a business on the Internet that is about heirloom embroidery for brides. It is growing very rapidly and keeping up at home has been getting difficult. But now I had to travel with my equipment and supplies AND deal with a different climate totally. I have long suspected that I would get different results in different situations for the exact same problem.

For instance, my water soluble stabilizer, my absolute favorite one, Badgemaster, preformed differently in Phoenix than San Diego. You know Phoenix is a "dry heat" with the humidity in the teens most of the time. Phoenix has been known to get down to 8% humidity in the summer making it a serious threat to fire issues. San Diego on the other hand, tends to be around 30 to 40% humidity making the 85 degree weather this time of year really wonderful. So, Badgemaster did feel a little dry but was OK on the sewing end. When I went to wash it, it nearly disappeared instantly because it was already so dry.

I also believe my thread is acting as if it were much drier as well. It is shredding much more than it ever had done. It is two weeks that I have been in Phoenix, and I guess it is enough for the thread to acclimate. I can honestly say that I have not done so.

One last thing, I needed to get some shorts that were a little more suitable for Phoenix. I don't like the short-shorts and did find some 100% cotton (it is supposed to breathe) that I really liked and were on sale, my other criteria for everything!

After wearing for 20 minutes, the great fit was baggy. . . Ugh. I think that pulling at bra straps, tank tops and shorts are as unladylike as it gets. I looked at the embroidery machine and got a great idea. Since they fit when they were fresh from the store and/or drier, I decided to embroider a design across the back in a 'tone-on-tone' color. It will keep the stretch out of my shorts and if necessary, I can add more on the front or sides. I love the idea that my shorts will not be baggy any more.

Once again, when I got started, I just wanted to continue on and on. I love embroidery. I did learn a lot from this idea.

  • All my blogs are my experiences (only). Success or failure, I share with you because I believe that sharing is a gift, and a lot of fun.

  • I need to make sure that I have enough clearance from any extra thick spots and/or lines, etc.

  • I forgot that a short make for a woman is going to have a 'yoke' to fit the curves of a woman's body. I need to place a degree or two to account for the 'slope.'

I like the idea just the same. I will be doing something more elaborate the next time!

Thank you for reading my blogs. If you have a suggestion to share, please add it here or in the forum. All ideas are welcome whether or not they apply to my particular blog.



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I apologize for the lack of photos of my shorts.  I had photo problems.

"It is always something!"  Gilda Radner

Thanks for reading anyway, Pat

marilucyporratadequinones09 8/6/2011 12:19:18 PM

I live in Puerto Rico a tropical climate with high humidity.  Now I understand my dislike with the soluble stabilizer.  I prefer to use paper and also is cheaper.  thanks so much for sharing.  My mother use to say that the sun works for every body.  If God give you and idea or special talent is important to share. You are very wright,  thanks for sharing, Marilucy

What a lovely compliment, Marilucy!  My email signature does say "Learning and Sharing are Gifts"  and these blogs are my gift to all of you.

What I learn, good or bad, I try to share with you.  After all, no one has enough time to make every mistake in the possible embroidery universe.  We might as well learn what NOT to do from each other.

The sun works for everyone for sure.  What we do with that treasure is up to us.

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

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