Background Quilting in the Hoop

Quilting your projects has never been easier! Of course, nothing beats a hand-stitched and quilted piece but machine embroidery makes it so much quicker and easier. Today’s designs allow us to quilt right in the hoop.

There are several types of designs suitable for quilting blocks and fabric.


Quilting Stipple Embroidery Design |

Stipple quilting is a basic background design that looks more like freehand quilting. It is a general overall pattern to hold fabric and batting layers together.

Feather Motifs

Feathered Swirl Stipple Embroidery Design |

Feather designs are traditional throughout quilting history. Most are made in several hoop sizes to fit a variety of blocks. They can be used as a quilting motif and also as decorative stitching for plain backrounds.