Blouse Border Design using Shoes

Shoe BorderI created this blouse border design by lining up various different shoes from my Fancy Footwork collection. To make the shoes fit together as a cohesive group it was necessary to reverse and rotate most of the designs until they created the right flow. Click here for a larger view of the screenshot from my Compositions software.

To see all of the designs in this collection or how quickly and easily you can design embroidery directly on your garment with Compositions project based embroidery design software, you can download a full information package and free trial version of my Compositions from here. Just click on Download Information and install it.

Comments (2) - 4/5/2008 2:48:07 AM

Hi, I love this idea, and perhaps I'll try it myself, thanks so much for sharing your idea....


Thanks for this trial software.  I just downloaded it and have begun reading and working through the training.  I am really impressed by the well done manual.  It is simple and clear.  I can't wait to make a simple design and go on from there!


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