Who’s Deegee, you may ask?  Well, for those of you who don't know me, please permit me to introduce myself.

I live in Southern Texas, I’m married, mom to 4 wonderful adult children and “Nanee” to 3 beautiful granddaughters and 1 very special little grandson.  And I’m like so many others who may read this….I need 3 lifetimes to complete all of the projects I have planned and ideas in my head!  At least we’re not bored!

In 1998, I decided to try my hand at digitizing after I had purchased my first small embroidery machine and fell in love with the entire process.  Now 10 years later, I’m still at it and loving every minute!   As reflected by my designs, I love the look and remembrances of  “the good old days”… a little retro, and of course, a lot of fun.  Many of you may have seen my recent "Bittie Baby Quilt" in the March/April issue of Designs Magazine, using my very popular collection known as The Bitties. As we become better acquainted, I hope you will try some of my designs and they will enable you to make many gifts of love and treasures forever.

I'm very excited that AnnTheGran has asked me to sift through some of the wonderful projects that people from all over the world have created from my designs, and post them in this blog. I hope you'll enjoy viewing them (and perhaps making them) as much as I did!

I'll start with one of my all-time favorites, from my Chico's Chores pack. Jan Landon won 1st place in her category with this beautiful and creative wall hanging at the MEEC in Las Vegas a few years back. Jan resized some of the Chico designs to get the effect she was after. It shows us wonderful examples of creative work with re-sizing and using different fabric and your sewing machine.  For example, she re-sized the cacti, and made them large enough to hold the clothes line that she wrapped around them using the zigzag stitch on her regular machine after they were embroidered on her fabric.  She also re-sized the donkey and in the other picture, she has Chico sitting on the pots as he plays his guitar!

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I am glad to know we have someone in S. Tx digitizing.  Thanks to Ann for having the Blog so I found out about you.  I am in Harlingen Tx.  As you know thats pretty South also.  I have a quilt going, another cut out and one in my head so understand your intro very well.  Enjoyed looking at what you have done.

I wondered if we could see the rest of the 10 designs on the Wee Workers.  I am not able to get anything open.

I was able to open the Wee Workers and they were so adorable!

I love good digitizing and saw that your 'field fill' is just terrific.


travelbug1237 8/30/2008 9:27:08 AM

Hello Hello  (HH) Deegee,

  I don't know how I missed this, but WELCOME and THANKS for sharing such cute designs!!! So, you have actually digitized!! That is soooooo fantastic!

( Way advanced too....but so glad to see people doing it so that us newbies can enjoy the 'fruits of your labor' so to speak.

  Keep up the Great WORK!! LOVED all those 'bright colors' too!!! SmileSmile

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