Tons and Tons of Questions - Who Has Answers?

My very 1st DESIGN on my Brother PE700 machine!!!! :):)HH (Hello Hello!) Fellow Embroiderers, 
How are ALL of you??? What things are you doing these days???!!!!! How many NEW embroiders are out there like me. (I stitched my 1st design last week. Yeah!!!). It would also be interesting to find out who has embroidered for the LONGEST time in this group too? Please share!!!!! Big Smile

Pins In The Map 

It's REALLY exciting to know that you are from so many places in the US, Canada other countries on OTHER continents. How exciting! Smile  In fact, just as I am writing this, an idea for Greg just emerged. Personally I'd love to see a map with 'pins' representing where AnntheGran members live. It would be so fun to watch the community board map grow as people started sharing their locations.  I bet there are multiple members from EACH of the 50 states, Canada & ........beyond!!!!

I wonder which state has the most members in AnntheGran. (One might think for sure it would be Florida, but we might be surprised...Let's find out!!!! ) Which continents are represented???? So fellow e m' ers how about submitting your place of residence???!!! Just a Hi, ( or an HH ) Wink, I'm from  New York,USA....or Oslo, Norway etc etc  would be great!


A Little Overwhelmed...

Some of you already have asked how I was doing; I'm fine and thrilled to actually have a machine!!!!! :):) I will try to answer your questions in the future as soon as I can get everything in working order...( me, that is.) Big Smile I'm just getting use to my new computer (an Apple),  trying to download photos w/iPhoto, plus learn to 'blog.' ( oh and learn to m e .!!! How could I forget that!!). I kind of feel like the person who is patting her head, chewing gum, rubbing her stomach, throwing plates up into the air and trying to type and embroider all at the same time. :) You My FAVORITE new TOY!!!!get the picture.... For the moment, most of the questions are going to be from me, and there are so many in this post alone that I've created separate forum posts for each one, so that you can help me by answering a particular question in a new window and then getting back to me and my next question!

I have, however,  learned to quit cooking and cleaning  since winning the Brother machine in Florida .... so it has all been worth it!!! Smile  Thanks Ann & Brother!!! My husband E is picking up the slack.  Angel Portland  firefighters learned to do "chores" in training. Yeah...  Somebody was very inspired: I will be forever grateful! (He also is willing to iron at times. Wink  

The Iron Question

Speaking of irons & boards...Do any of you have an iron you love for m e ing? [please answer here]Does the size of ironing board really matter?(...big, small,portable, industrial like push down handle w/steam.) or the one Ann has that folds  that looks pretty neat and has 2 different side with a special purpose each. Have any of you used it? I have heard quilters love it via my friend whose passion is quilting.

Pucker Up!

I still do SOME 'domestic' things... For whatever reason,  I love to do laundry...don't ask me why...but I do, well..... except for scrunched up dirty socksTongue Tied). Good thing, because I learned that PRE washing  material  (oops...there I go again ......"fabric" ) is important for shrinkage, especially when it comes to embroidering on any fabric that MAY some day be laundered. Apparently if you forget to, it can mess up your designs royally (threads can pucker up.)  Although some items won't ever be washed (but my input on that topic is WAY down the road because I am not there yet.)  In the meantime, I have washed (and thoroughly shrunk) my 'bag to decorate' from Florida, some basic black cotton material and white muslin.

Not Fade Away 

I'd love your input as to what product you use to retain colors in the fabric ( especially black). [please answer here] I haven't checked out Ann's store yet for that, but those of you who have had success, please let me know.  (I happen to LOVE the look of metallic thread on 'black" fabric & I bought Eileen Roche's Little Black Tee offered in Orlando for a down the road project.)

Fabric Brands 

For those of you who have sewn on silk or cotton  'fabric' there one brand name you'd recommend? (I have heard Kona black is great for quilters for example.) What do you e m'ers LOVE to use? [please answer here]

Hot & Cold 

Do all of you use HOT water to prewash cotton for embroidering??? [please answer here] ( I have been told 3 different things so far at various fabric shops in my area; 1. Use COLD H2O only, that the dryer is what shrinks it. 2. Use HOT water and a hot dryer. 3. Use WARM water.....aarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!  ) Now, this was just for COTTON little ol' fabric type. and I haven't even gotten to my favorite  fabric which is silk...but that - is definitely on the back burner and I will ask you about it & other fabrics in the future. For right now, I'm concentrating on learning my machine & I want to reduce as many variables as I I want to use a GOOD black cotton material, prepare it before I start my design, use Ann's black tear away stabilizer ( stiff I think ).........for success. THANKS!!!!

Calling All PE-700 Owners! 

I truly want to order a 'bolt' of one fabric and just SOOOOO HAPPY...My very 1st TRY!!!!do EVERY one of the designs available on the Brother PE 700 so that I will have each design SAMPLE showing the final size etc.
 I don't ever plan to sell this machine or trade it in. I LOVE my new  Brother PE 700 machine!!!!! I am GLAD that it is a dedicated embroidery machine.. (I don't sew either, so trying to learn to do that also right now would make me need to touch up my roots every week instead every month.:) It is a 'treasured gift" and so I want to learn every aspect on it that I can. If you already own the 700 machine I would LOVE to have you specify that in a note to me so I can pick your brain. [PE-700 posts here]

I have SO many questions and sincerely want to hear from you!!! I can learn SO much from you - both beginners and very experienced. So when you do have some time, please share. It will be appreciated!!!

Going Rate for Lessons

What is the going rate where you live for private (or group tutoring) for 'm e'  lessons? [please answer here] My 1st quote from the local dealership was $75 an hour. Yikes???? That seemed a LOT to me, but I am new and maybe that was ok, but I decided to 'shop around'. I found another shop owner who charged me $25 per hour.  That seemed much more reasonable. She ( Wendy) is a doll and I LOVED my 1st session with her.

Getting There...

So, 1 month after Community Circle in Orlando, SOME of the mountain of information I got there really IS starting to make sense, and I now understand better the need for various stabilizers, the need for quality threads( I LOVE my MADEIRA threads!!!)  I have some beautiful colors that are both strong and shiny!!!  Yeah!!!! ....They are gorgeous and I can hardly wait to do a sample of each design that comes on my machine!!! Speaking of threads...I didn't know  before (until Florida) that in m e'ing  -  one should use special 'bobbin threads'  ( black, white  & maybe it comes in cream too ??? ) , vs using regular matching colored machine embroidery thread.

Lesson Learned

When I got home I went to a local store and bought  a brand-name " m e  'bobbin thread'. " (not Madeira.. They didn't carry that brand.) Anyway, I took it with me for my 1st lesson. My teacher showed me the difference in quality of threads. Thank goodness I was taught what to look for next time,  so that it won't  gum up my bobbin casing (?) and machine in general. ( Linda, my very 1st new Florida m e friend I met at the convention, shared with me her experience with 'thread, bobbins, and machine repairs.' That got etched in my mind.) I now know what to look for in thread.  Hold the thread up into the light and take a good look. If there are "knots in it" (I kid you not) or if there are already wisps of thread hanging from the main line...DON'T use it, regardless of the name. I was shocked to see that my quick purchase would have eventually caused me grief. 


Crash Course Cathy (Chatty Cathy, given the length of this post?)


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jalcumbrack 5/16/2008 12:49:00 PM

Hi Cathy!! Congrats on completeing your very first design ! WooHoo! Doesn't it give you such a good sense of accomplishment? This is Judy from (guess where?)FLORIDA! I live near Tampa and we have been here for three years now.We love it here,but as you know it can get kind of warm.

My first experience with embroidery was in a factory where I went to work in the 1970's.......shhhh don't tell anyone I am that old.LOL.I fell in love immediatly with it,and have been an avid embroider since.I worked on a 14 needle back in the days before we had all the computer stuff to make it so easy.

When I met my husband ...Hmm ..let me think here...about the year 2001...and our anniversary is?? Oh well anyway,He saw that I loved to sew and bought me a new Janome for my birthday.Then we got the Viking,got rid of two machines before we moved to Florida.NO ROOM.So I am down to One Janome,one Viking and a serger.

All I can say about the iron is get a good one as you will use it a lot.(I had problems with the cheaper models....they caught wasn't pretty!.)I have a Rival Steam Shot and it is a pretty good one.I like it because I can shoot water on the fabric for those tough wrinkles that are hard to get out sometimes,but yet it can be a dry iron with a turn of the dial on the handle.You don't have to spend a fortune to get a good one.

Oh yeah the thread trick! Yes even the better brand names can be nasty.I always look before I buy as I bought some threads one time from a real cheap place and I tossed all of them they were so nasty and made a mess of everything.

As far as bobbin thread,use what works the best for your machine,DON'T SCRIMP!If your machine works well with a particular one ,stay with it. All of my machines like a different brand(OF COURSE!) But I use those(and they are not real inexpensive either) and pay more to save a headache and hair later on.My Viking likes Gutterman and my Janome likes one called soft touch that comes in white, cream and black.You can get it at most sewing places but I have never seen it Joanns.I order it from a place in Michigan called Feilds Fabrics.

Great blog again today Cathy! I Love hearing how you are doing on your new adventure.I still get excited with every piece I embroider,to me it's a challenge to see what it will do and still continues to amaze me. It seems I am drawn to it to watch it sew out every time. It is a wonderful world and experience and Welcome ! It will be the ride of your life ! Enjoy!

That's a great idea about the push pins, Cathy! I know such software does exist, but I'm not sure whether it will work on the AnnTheGran blogs. I will look into it and if we can figure out a way to do it, we'll definitely put that up.


Place my pin in San Diego California.  

Jal has some really good points, especially about the threads.  Even with the best of threads, occasionally you might get some that is old or otherwise not up to par.  

Keep up the good work Cathy!!!!

janethockenberry 5/17/2008 2:14:24 PM

Put my push pin in Clayton Ohio (next top Dayton)  I enjoy the bliogs.  Keep up the learning process, Cathy. I am still learning after many years of E M  ing.  It is always new every day.  35 grandchildren and 10 children keep  me busy working on my machine.  Love it.  I use a Viking SE.  

sewinglady1960 5/17/2008 2:46:01 PM

Hi Cathy--

Put my push pin in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have been embroidering for about 8 years and have a Viking D1, SE and a Pfaff Creative Vision.  I also do quite a bit of quilting and incorporate the embroidery into many of my quilts. I also love to travel and really miss my machines when we are gone.  In February, we did a trip to Antarctica and I can only tell you that you will NOT be disapointed when you get to go.  It is truly the most beautiful place to see.  The wildlife is wonderful and we were so fortunate to spend lots of time with many penguin species.  This trip completed our around the world adventures and we are now trying to figure out what to do next.  Happy sewing!  Carole

You can put my push pin in Michigan


I use Maderia and Sulky tread.  I couldn't survive without  Catalog Xpress.  I am seriously thinking about adding Threadbox to my list of must haves because I more thread than space to store where it can be seen so I think ThreadBox is the perfect solution to "Where did I put that color"  

I have several irons I use from small to iron out tight corners and curves to regular size for ironing.  I do have a separate iron for ironing on the stablizers so I don't get sticky on everything.Smile

Can't wait til next year's Community Circle-See you there - Marsha   Oh yes you can put my pin in West Melbourne Florida (Central Florida-East Coast)

You can put my pushpin in Antioch, Illinois

You can put a push pin at Wheeling, WVa.  Actually, Bellaire, Ohio, but, Bellaire is so not heard of, and Wheeling is 6 miles away.

Please put my push-pin in Cheraw, S.C., USA   I don't get to embroider as much as I'd like to at this point in my life, as my husband and I are building a strawbale house, doing most of the work ourselves.  Retired bones don't move fast!  When it's finished, tho, I'm looking forward to a big sewing room to set up all my embroidery threads, computer, etc.  I use most of them for quilts, altho I like to embroider t-shirts and gift items.  Maybe someday I'll learn to digitize too!

- Kathy

Hi Cathy,

Plese put my pin in Brazil and Florida. I live in Lighthouse Point,  FL . and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I have been embroidering since  2005.


Hi Cathy,

Put my pin in Chewelah, Washington.  I have a Bernina Artista and a Pfaff.  I've recently discovered Isacord thread and love it for the Bernina.I like a steam station iron; one where the water doesn't remain in the iron itself. I do alot of custom sewing, alterations and embroidery; the sewing for about 40 years; the m e for about 10.  It's my relaxation!

put my pin in lincoln england, i love this site and i love my embroidery machine!!!

WOW Cathy, you have them spread all over the globe!  I lived in Phoenix for - er, well, a long time.  

(It is a dry heat, stick your head in the oven, that is a dry heat too!) LOL  

Phoenix really is beautiful for 9+ months of the year.  We only hear about the wild temperatures.  Phoenix has the Largest Municiple Park in the USA, South Mountain Park, the view is spectacular and the soft breeze will make you want to stay.

Keep up the great work, Cathy - I will be watching and learning from you as well.  

My next blog, The Avid Embroiderer, will be on May 25 and it promises to be an interesting one in which you will learn some great tips.  Hope some of your fantistic guests have a minute for me too.


place my pin in Marietta, Ohio.

I am somewhat new to machine embroidery but have been sewing for years. I have a Bernina and I am really having lots of fun....for grandchildren, baby gifts and some charity work.

I have the better Sunbeam model iron and I am really pleased with it.  The Rowenta that I spent "big bucks" for was terrible, it spit up all of the time.  But, what I cannot live without is my Iron is wonderful!  I can keep my iron on the highest temp. at all times and it "never" ruins any fabric and works great.

I just discovered this site last week!

Place my pin in Frost, Texas

Got my first E M machine in 1999 and loved it. had been wanting one for  ages.  Now I have 2 Vikings, se and designer 1. I love to do free standing ornaments.

Ireally like the new annthegran site. Keep up the good work.

Hi all, I have a Janome 300E which is an embroidery machine only. Its so simple to use and the manual is only about 30 pages. It does everything I want it to do.

Please place my pin in at Beenleigh, Queensland Australia.

Chris from Oz

jalcumbrack 5/18/2008 4:24:39 AM

I envy you all with all of these grand children! Wow! I have only two to spoil.

Wow! Cathy ,looks like you have readers from every where!That is so wonderful!

I know what you mean about Phoenix,stick your head in an oven,LOL ! I lived there for three years ,too hot for me.

But I was born and raised in Grand Rapids ,Michigan.

I am still trying to convince hubby I NEED A BROTHER  to go with my Janome,I tell him it's lonely(so far he hasn't bought that one)

Congrats Cathy on your success for your blog!

I'm from Snellville,Ga. right outside Atlanta. Yes, I know where Belaire, Ohio is! I bet you have even heard of Gallipolis ! I'm a Brother fan too. Innovis 1000.

Hi Cathy,

I'm from Glendale, AZ.  This year the "heat" is just starting - this is the first year in ten years that we haven't hit triple digits in April!  It's been a wonderful winter and spring - almost normal!  Can't wait to get "out of the oven"!!!  I've been sewing most of my life and embroidering for the past year.  I have a Bernina Artista and absolutely LOVE it.  I am learning SO much!

please pin me in campbelltown new south wales australia---about 1 hour south west of sydney

love reading the blogs

Put my pin in Waynesboro, GA. I've been sewing forever and embroidering for the last seven or eight years.  I have a Viking D1 and an SE, a White serger and a 47 year old Singer that I keep set up just for the buttonhole attachment...gorgeous buttonholes! Love the blogs!!


You can put a push pin in Port St. Lucie, FL on the Treasure Coast.  (North of the Palm Beaches by about 40 miles.)


So happy that I came across this site!  My push pin should go to Louisville, Kentucky, where we just enjoyed the beautiful Ky Derby.  

Sew much I want to learn......seems sew little time!    


Just joined Ann the Gran, love the site.  You can add my push pin at Kent, WA, just south of Seattle, WA.  I have been quilting for 10 years and recently added a Brother 4000 embroidery machine to the sewing room (was the living room no one sat in) and Im so hooked on embroidery now.  It's great to incorporate quilted squares and embroidered ones into a quilt design.  I use the Oliso Auto Life Iron and love it!!

Thanks for the great site.  Marsha

My push pin is Lynn Haven, Fl which is just outside Panama City,Fl.  I have a Janome 10001 which is great, but it is fussy about the bobbin thread.  I stick to the Janome brand.

Put my pin at Oxford, AL..about half way between Birmingham & Atlanta GA. I have sewn forever but got my BrotherULT2002D May of 02 & have been embroidering ever since.

Hi All. Pin me in Port Orchard, WA. I have a Brother 2500D and a Brother PE600. I love them both.  I have been doing ME for about 1 and 1/2 years now. I actually did a picture stitch for the first time and was thrilled with the outcome. Loving it.

I am not happy with my Panasonic Iron with the Auto shutoff. The only way to turn it back on is to unplug it and re-plug it. When you are trying to piece a quilt and have to come back to it often and find out that it shut itself off... well all I can say is AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH.

thanks for the wonderful sight.

lowerbarpham 5/19/2008 6:51:07 AM

Hi everyone. Push my pin in West Sussex in the United Kingdom, i always pop in and enjoy  your site. I have a Husqvarna Designer 1, Brother PR600 and a Babylock Evolve overlocker. I have been sewing for over 40 years and machine embroidering for about 20 (ouch!! how time flies).  I use mostly Maderia thread which i find works well on both machines.

I love this global community!  And, everyone has a different machine...LOL

Let us hear it for Cathy and Ann's great community!!


travelbug1237 5/19/2008 7:06:10 PM

WOW, wow, WOW!!!!...

Thanks for the incredible response to my 2nd blog!!!

Your comments are the BEST and thanks SOOOOOOO much for answering my questions!!! You just can't imagine opening up Ann's site & there is my blog w/photos printed....and THEN to have so many of you RESPOND!!!!!!!

It is such a high...and well humbling too. Thanks GOODNESS there is a Pat and an ANN who KNOW so very much about embroidering who are right there to help answer questions...along with Greg who does such a great job and to EACH of you who are willing to take the time to write and help myself and others with a variety of questions and topics. I sure don't have the answers yet for almost ALL of the inquiries YET....but I will share as I do hear or try them myself. ( I love the extra special feature Greg did so that we can click on specific topics like irons, thread, cost of lessons etc etc within the original blog.) Thank you contributors who DO know what you're doing!!!!!

  I especially LOVE the response to asking you to contribue to "Map Your Location"!!! Goodness, we have readers from Brazil, England, Australia, Canada and several of the US states contributing already!!! Oh, and I must not forget our 1 visitor from out of this world - in Oz !!! SmileSmile

I just LOVE it!!! Thanks again for sharing that!!!

  It sure is great to have a community of people at so many different levels of experience willing to share!!! This is just the greatest.

And  Greg, thanks for looking into trying to get a map on Ann's site.

(I know that CNN has a terrific map for our US primary presidential race that is

fascinating, so that might be a resource.)

  My next blog is going to be about my FAVORITE project type I have done so far. ( I've done 5 now and will be writing about each one in future blogs....but I just HAVE to tell you that my next blog( I'm still in the rough draft stage) is for brand new beginners like myself. It will help many of you who are having 'bobbin thread showing' problems. It is the the BEST for a beginner's project imho (in my humble opinion) I just LOVE it  & I could do it for hours on end.

Again, thank you to all those who have contributed ANSWERS to my many many questions ...that will in turn help save us lots of time, $, energy and frustration. Oh...and I can't wait to see Jewell's demo!!! Great!!!! Just what we Brother PE 700ers need!!!

Hi Everyone

Does anybody have a basic list of what stabiliser you use for what task or fabric type? have mostly been digitising on cotton but are now branching out. Would like a very basic list to make choosing & ordering stabiliser easier.

Hi, rosarypark. You might want to check out Pat's Avid Embroiderer blog for her upcoming post on stabilizer. I've seen a preview and it is going to be an invaluable resource for which stabilizer to use where. Her blog is at:">

Please pin me in Windsor, Ontario, Canada which is just SOUTH (yes....south) of Detroit, Michigan.

I love my Maytag Cordless Iron & I also love my Bernina 180E !!

Thanks for all your terrific info on your web-site!!

monkeyinmypocket 5/22/2008 1:13:35 PM

You can place my pin in Poughkeepsie, NY (Upstate). I have been embroidering for 10 years. I still learn things from Ann's website. It's the best!

Congrats on winning the machine and finishing your first lesson successfully!!

I have a PE700 and 3-270D's.  I started with the 27OD's and just got the PE700 about a month ago.  I love all of them!  I do some custom embroidery for customers and am learning how to digitize my own designs using Embird.



For all you stabilizer fans (or unfans when you have problems), I indeed will be placing my final pictures and touches on my stabilizer blog shortly.  

It was fun to do, checking my thoughts against manufacturing recommendations.  Sometimes I wonder if a provider says "use 2 sheets" just to sell more stabilizer.  Well, to find out the answer, you have to watch for my new blog which will be put up very soon.  

I enjoy reading about everyone and their place of honor on the map.  You might be the only one from your country, or you might just find a new friend right in your own backyard.  

Thanks to all those leaving comments!!


Hello to all,

Please place my pin in Shady Cove, Oregon (just N/E of Medford). After reading all of the comments I believe that I am the newest reader here. I just got my machine (XL6000) yesterday! Sheesh have I got a lot to learn

You can place my pin at Gulfport, MS. I have been having fun for about 2 years now on my Innovis2500D. Have sewn for to many years to count. I don't like my iron, so glad for all the suggestions.

joaneleanor 5/24/2008 7:50:35 PM

So glad I found your blog.  I just started embroidering. I have a Panasonic iron and I just love it.  I use it for my quilting and have had no problems with it shutting off too soon.

You can put my push pin in Port Richey, Florida.

Pin this new club member in Buford, GA. I have been embroidering for about 2 years. I just dove in with very little instruction, so I have much to learn.... sounds like I can learn a lot from you all.

Thanks, Greg.

  Glad to hear you are enjoying your new machine.  I started out years ago with the PE 100. by Brother  Smile  After awhile I went to the Brother 8200, and then had the mother board on that machine upgraded to the 8500.  I would love to have a penny for every stitch sewn on it as an em and for general sewing.  I also have the old Pfaff 1475 CD which has been around since the beginning of my interest in embroidery by machine.  The built in designs were fun and sparked interest to do much more. I learned to do free motion embroidery and then "graduated"  to the embroidery machine. Life has never been the same since.  

   I teach school and the time I have for my hobby varies depending on the time of year.  I do custom work for friends and family and of course, the grandkids always keep me busy. I do some basic digitizing, but love to use products available to change existing  designs I have and vary sizes or combine parts of designs to fit a project. I have been a member of many sewing digests on the web.  Some have come and gone over the years.  I began with the original BBD Digest started by Ann. What a wealth of knowledge there is to glean from all the ladies and gents out there that are willing to share what they know. You are also blessed when new friendships blossom from a shared interest or passion for the hobby.  I am always thrilled to learn something new that I can apply to a project.  I get the same feeling when I can teach someone else.

    I recently bit the bullet and purchased the Brother 4500D.  What a dream.....

    Irons.....I love the Rowena.  I've been using the brand since the beginning.

     Sew-outs for files......I usually make a panel of sample designs from a machine or a design pack before I use them on the real thing.  I use a medium grade white or black felt for this. I just stitch them out in rows without cutting anything out.  When done, I just fold and place in page protectors in a notebook with stitch out info for reference.  I have displayed them in my sewing room or on bulletin boards.  When you are ready to stitch on your real project, always do a sample first with the correct threads and use the same kind of fabric.  Smile

    Technology....keep abreast of products that can make life and designing easier. Check out upgrades and the changes they are making in software.  Keep your products upgraded when possible.

     Keep posting!  


Google Earth has the capability of doing the map with the push pins you are speaking of.  It is a free dl. I use in in my classroom all the time.  Check it out.


You can create your own map with push pins as well as create note files about the contributors that will display when the pins are clicked on. Each person can create their own .kmz file and send it to you or to each other.

Good luck with your project.  By the way, you can place my pin over Oxford, Alabama.


Hi All ,

You can put my push pin in please, I am from  

Tasmania ,Australia.

I have been embroidering for over 7 years now it keeps me sane and I just love it.


Mind if I come along for the ride? I'm learning right along with you, Cathy! I'm already learning soooo much from you, Pat & Greg.

Push my pin in Columbia, Illinois . . . across the river & south of St. Louis, Missouri. It's not as exciting as England or Australia, but it's home.

hopegiver2000 5/26/2008 3:10:30 PM

Hello all, really enjoyed reading the blog, thank you for all the info.  

my push pin Goes in Boise, Idaho.  Looking forward to getting to know all of you.   Sandi

Hello Everyone,

You can put my pin in "Rome New York"

I just love this group... I have been doing machine embroidery for about 25 years now. I started out with the singer #6268 (I think it was the first machine that ever came out the  have the embroidery attachment) anyhow, it was big, heavy, sewed crappy, and spent more time in the repair shop than it spent at my house!

But when it was working correctly, it was a lot of fun. The designs were very simple... nothing like the designs we have today, but like I said, it was fun to play with.

Today, I have 4 brother machines...the PC 8200, PC6500, PE150, and SE270D. I use the 8200 and the 150 most of the time, but on occasion I also use the 6500. I just love my brother machines.

I work full time, so I don't get to sew as much as I would like, but every chance I get, I like to play with my machines.

Hope everyone has a great day, and I hope you find time to do whatever you enjoy doing.


Push my pin in Winchester, KY  Does anyone have a Singer Futura CE200 that they can use?  This soft ware is so old that it messes with my computer. Anyone have any ideas for me to try.  I do like to sew and decorate items but this machine is nerve racking.  Good luck with the blog.

travelbug1237 5/29/2008 10:24:01 AM

HH Everyone!!!!,

   I just read over all of the comments this morning from my 2nd blog and I am still just THRILLED with the response! Thanks you SO much for answering questions that I have. I am such a beginner and it is wonderful knowing that someone is willing to take the time to help me no matter how basic the question.

  HEY....motsmith....THANKS so much for the ''map for push pins' lead!!!!!

   What grade do you teach????

There are several on this site you are or have been teachers!!! If you have a chance to read all comments you'll see.

   I hope Greg has had a chance to google that and get it going!!! SmileSmileSmile(hint hint) ( I only came up with the idea...was hoping REAL hard that Greg could find it in his schedule to get the map going and see the pins start poking up all over the place.  IF not, I will try since it was my idea....but would be so much FUN for you...right????

    Isn't it AMAZING how many places you readers all live!!!??? That is really exciting to me!!! What a wonderful world wide group we are!!!!

   We are also at so many different levels and it doesn't matter. We just all share a love of machine embroidery!!! ....& it's so great so many are willing to help us beginners!!!

    Well I have done several projects (5)  ( well that's a lot to me ) and am WAY behind in writing each of them up for my blog site....but I am going to finish up one this weekend (I hope) and get it off to Greg to 'edit'...I always send him TONS of info and the poor guy cheerfully (??? )  gets through my run on sentences galore, and puts the final touches on my entry so that you readers can make sense of my thoughts!!! SmileSmile

  Oh, Nena...I bought a Singer Futura 350 this past Christmas but I never ever ended up taking it home....It was a new product and no one at the store was trained on it yet....and I KNEW I knew I had them keep it at the store until someone was trained. forward to the end of March and still no one had been trained and I was leaving for Ann's Community Circle the next I went into the store and to make a longer story shorter....I got a refund for the machine ( It was a pleasant refund and they understood why) I never used it ever  so I can't help you out. There may be other readers who do have the machine though & will contribute ideas.

  The people on AnntheGran site REALLY are helpful and friendly!!! ( I think I already said that.) hmmm

    It's great I was able to connect with the best right off the bat.....Pat and Ann know SOOOOOO much.  Another person who is soooooo helpful is jalcumbrack..You'll see her comments throughout all our blogs. She is so supportive and I for one am SOOOOO appreciative.

Oh and tl111....Shady Cove, Oregon...Holy Cow I know exactly where that's at.....It's close to my ol stompin grounds....I graduated from Medford High!!!!! ...Speaking of graduation....our 40th...YES   40th class reunion is this summer!!! How can this be???? I don't even FEEL 40 years old let alone add another chunk of years to be graduating 40 years ago!!! ( Well I guess I should say I USUALLY don't feel 40+...but there ARE some days I feel about 120!!!) I had a lulu for a few days a week ago at the beach...I don't know what was wrong, but my joints ALL ached. I called a friend in town who actually was in bed ....and stayed there because she was REALLY hurting...

She swears it's because of weather changes.....don't know, but that was the worse 'bout' I'd ever had. I do have to be careful and not overdue it ( carpal tunnel.) & I hope NOT fibro...Anway....sorry  so off the subject of MEing...

   OK...I have a QUESTION....please answer me if you have the answer...MEers.....!!!!

    I saw some CUTE CARDS done on cardstock.

I looked in Ann's DAKOTA collection but I can't seem to find it.

( As I recall there was a variety of topics on the cards.....graduation, wedding, birthday, Merry Christmas...etc...)

  IF ANY of you know where I can get a bundle ( I think you call it )

of designs...I'd really like to do that. ( E and I have 3 grandchildren graduating in the next week or I need to get crackin...if I want to 'be creative' on the cards that go with their sets of luggage. ( We shopped at the outlet store in Seaside and bought 3 sets of 5 piece luggage.....We were staced to the gills

in luggage.....It appeared that we 'don't travel light'....I am cracking up...

15 suitcases for the weekend!!!! SmileGood thing we were in the car ..(.I heard some some airlines are now starting to charge for ANY checked bags.) that going to change my travel habits!!!

  Oh &  one tip I learned (at "The Sewing Room" in Beaverton, Oregon)  where I get lessons,  is to KEEP my DULL needles and put them into a piece of paper...Then USE the dull ones on future card stock designs!!!! Love the idea to be able to recycle those needles for another purpose when they get old!!! SmileSmile Sort of comparable to when I retired....I'd like to think I can be 'recycled' into doing new  things after teaching all those years....HMMM..let me see...I said earlier I don't feel old...yet when I compare myself with a used needle...

I am trying to tell myself I am not old and dull and that I can still make beautiful things.......oh brother....I am really needing to get more sleep or something...

Now let's hear it for all those ME'ers that now have 'night schedules' that have been altered.....I know I am NOT the only one here!!!! Come on...please share...sometimes it's ME ing and sometimes it can be 'other stuff'.

I did get very side-tracked this week....trying to help out a homeless couple who is expecting a baby....) In a nutshell...I allowed them to move into my retirement home at the beach ( I know I know.what were we thinking) ...only to find out they left after 3 days...and we are "in town' & the beach house is at the beach...It took some time getting things arranged for them and now E and I are having to go back this weekend to undo  our 'rearranging" .

The good news though is that apparently they are going to be able to get into housing that is closer to his job, is bigger etc etc.

   It's OK, but E and I don't plan to do that ever again.

The good news though with going back to the beach is that there is going to be a great tide perfect for razor clamming!!!

  Hope to hear from you all very soon!!!

I am still trying to figure out how to answer each of you who have taken the time to write me a note on my blog....just know that if I don't PERSONALLY acknowledge you,  it isn't because of not caring...I DO...I just don't know how to go back and go in between each posting...and my brain doesn't remember ALL of the comments by the time I get to the bottom of my blog!

  Let me know how you are doing everyone!!!!



Cathy,   Reading your blog is just like talking to you.  You are doing a fantastic job and have inspired me to get busy and get my embroidery projects done.  Keep up the good work.  Oh and thanks for giving me my 5 minutes of fame in you blog!


Just a quick note to follow up on Cathy's comment about the push pins. I am working on the pushpin idea but the Google Earth solution proposed by motsmith (great idea, thanks!) would make it a bit difficult for most of our users to add pins. I'm looking for one in which our users can add the pins without having to send me a file, but I haven't found that yet.

grammacandy 5/31/2008 11:10:50 PM


travelbug1237 5/31/2008 11:35:18 PM

HH Gramma Candy...

 Welcome to the most wonderful world of machine embroidery.

I'm ALMOST brand new...I have a whole MONTH under my belt now!!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how much of a beginner I was (am) both at machine embroidery and computers.

We at AnntheGran are a community of MEers ( for short ) and we will help you.

It sounds like you don't need my lesson on LACE that just got published today...You've already done it!!!! I am totally hooked on it!!!! Feel free to share with the group your projects etc.

Pat ( with the fabulous fancy P ) can and WILL answer ALL your questions...

In a nutshell...I HAVE (and ask) a gazillion questions and Pat can answer them along with jalcumbrack and others who have been doing it awhile!!!

Believe me, I am SUCH a beginner  and everyone has been really helpful!

Just ask away...and someone will no doubt help you out.

travelbug1237 5/31/2008 11:44:37 PM

OOps GrammaCandy...

My understanding is that you SHOULD wash the dish towels for shrinkage purposes....( and to eliminate the possibility of the thread puckering.)

You don't need to wash it in a higher temperature than needed,

but there are those on the site that don't prewash if they are going to be a gift. might want to go into the other blog sites and forums to see what the 'experts' have to say.

Sorry I didn't answer your question. I accidentally missed it  in all caps...

Oh and congratulations on all those grandkids!!!

Hello to all!  Put my pushpin in Notasulga, Alabama about 14 mi south of Auburn (War Eagle)!  I have been embrodering about 2 years but not consistently.  Reading this has given me hope that i am not the only one who has failures!!  I am thinking about joining Ann's Club and was wondering if many of you use it?  

hellooo out there ..who has a pr 600 by you have trouble with the automatic threader??  love all yur comments.. have been really helpful..i am new a ME..but i love it so far... trying to learn it all is mind boggling. ha.. specially for this old grandma.. but i don't want to give up.  i am determined to learn how to use my machine and turn out (hopefully) better quality designs. help if you can.  

travelbug1237 6/15/2008 2:23:15 PM

HH ( Hello Hello )Billiec and Deane61

  Billiec....Greg (Beamish Boy) is  still working on getting a map program that will work on Ann's site...I can hardly wait!!! I LOVE visuals and it will be SO fun and quite a site once that gets in place.  I'm glad I can give you 'hope'....

Progress IS being made!!!!

      (It's best for me to look at it as a journey 'cuz I don't think I will EVER  'arrive' so to speak instead of getting all fobiated (my word) about trying to learn it all....I am taking TINY steps and trying to enjoy the process. It's just pretty overwhelming in the beginning especially if you don't sew or that computers aren't 2nd nature ....but that will all come in time too, well I can hope!!!

   Deane61-- not sure who has the Brother 600 but I am SURE someone on Ann's site does....and hopefully they will respond soon.

Thanks for the compliment! Smile

      I'll try to help you any way I can....I'll keep 'doing and sharing' . I'll be writing about 2 blogs per month.

Welcome to the fascinating etc etc etc world of embroidering!!!!


Cathy in Oregon....Hope you are enjoying Father's Day. ( Mine has passed & Ethan is at I am writing to my 'other family' here on the net.)

I did talk to my son Reggie for a LONG time last night and it was great to get caught up with his life. He's doing a LOT of travel ( out of the country too) and was pretty surprise 'his Mom was a blogger!!!!" Well SO am I  !!!!

Please put my push-pin at Fancy Farm, Ky.  (I about 40miles

north of Paducah, Ky--where the quilt show is held)

I have a Pfaff2140 and a Brother QC1000.  I have been

sewing all my life.  I love embroiderying.  I have 2  quilt tops

started.  I make quilts and sew for the grandkids.

I enjoy  your site.  Very interesting.


Fancy Farm, Ky.

Put my pin in Silverhill, Al and one for my birthplace of Manchester, England. Been sewing all my 72 years and hoping to keep going as long as I am able. Love m'eing and have a lot to learn.  

Hi Cathy,

I am in Bend, OR and I know  the Medford area and also know where Shady  Cove is as I have driven through it on the the way to Ashland to take my youngest daughter to college. I have gone down to Ashland and back in a day. I wil  have to go to the Gold Hill area someday and go to the Oregon Vortex.

I got my first embroidery machine a Janome 5700 about 3 yrs ago and it stayed in the box for about   months and before I finally used it. I it is the entry closer which is in my sewing room as I  use the Janome 10001  that I got about 2 yrs ago, I was not planning to buy it as I was just going into my dealer to get some embroidery design disk and I got the disk and put a deposit on the 10001 which had everything as it was a trade in by someone who had to have the Janome 11000.

Laurie in Bend

travelbug1237 8/7/2008 11:42:33 AM

HH Lauire, BamaBrit &Francis.....

   Today is August 7th but I was checking back to my old blogs and lo and behold here I have some comments that I didn't respond to.

SO better late than never, but please know that I didn't ignore you on purpose and am very happy that you took the time to write me.

  HH  Francis Higgins...I will indeed put a push pin into Fancy Farm, Kentucky

once I get a map't you a very fortunate person to live next door to the famous quilt fair!!!! I am sure there are SEVERAL on Ann's site who would LOVE hearing all about the history of that and your quilting experiences!! I for one would also love too hear about your MEing and how you got into it....etc.

  BamaBrit...what a GREAT GREAT name!!! And it is a perfect fit for you too...really cute!!! So you  moved from England to Alabama....I'd love to hear that story and how the Southern accent was for you. SmileSmile

I loved it when my friend Jane from Alabama first told me her name...

She said...My na J ain.....I just loved it!!! She used 2 syllables to my one! Cracked me up but I loved it.

72 years....sewing....WOW...You are a wealth of information...feel free to share anything with us you'd like!!! Smile

Hugs Lauie in Bend...goodness you did not give up on me...THANK YOU...

Glad you continued to write me comments in the more recent blogs!!!


Everyone have a safe summer wherever you may be.


Put  a pin in Oak Island, NC.  New to ME but not to sewing-have been sewing for 38 years and hope to continue for many more.

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