Graffiti Glam Coming To Community Circle 2009

Rita and Mary

Mary and I are so excited about coming to Florida for the Community Circle Event the last weekend in March!!  What perfect timing.  It's been a bitter cold winter here in Iowa -- and I am really looking forward to FLORIDA.

It is always a joy for me to present my seminar, "Life Is Not A Dress Size".  I wrote the book because I wanted my life to be about something more important than my weight.  Even though I have been overweight for most of my adult life -- I never wanted that to be the major focus of my day.  But the challenge was to wear clothes that were comfortable, but still reflected my own personal style. 

For example -- as I write this, I'm working on a new outfit for a GO RED Style Show charity event about to take place in Puyallup, Washington.  I'll be emceeing the event -- and I wanted something dramatic.  I'm sewing a long six-gore red skirt -- decorated with old t-shirts -- all of them black & white.  I LOVE words -- and shopping for the t-shirts at Goodwill stores this winter has been a very entertaining pastime.  Although I bought about 100 slogan T-shirts -- I really only needed six or so.  Here are some of my favorite "words" from t-shirts:

"YOU DON'T KNOW ME (Federal Witness Protection Program)"
"CHUBBY & DANGEROUS" favorite.......


I've named this outfit "Grafitti Glam".  And you'll be able to see the whole thing, finished, if you come to the Community Circle Event.  Although it sounds kind of wild -- you will be happy to know I toned it down with some black and white zebra stripes.  And -- oh yes --  there will also be a wrap made out of red sequins fabric.

Subtle?  Not so much...

My message is always about using your sewing to live your best life.  For me -- that means altering patterns or garments so they really FIT ME.  And -- even more importantly -- reflect my own personal style and attitude about life!  It also means making gifts for the most important people in my life.  My niece, Kelcy, is getting married in April -- and in my next blog entry -- I'll write about what I'm making her for a wedding gift.

Mary Mulari and I are big believers in hand-made gifts.  There is no better way to show somebody you care than MAKING A GIFT FOR THEM.  But it's a mistake to think you must spend 40 hours on a big fancy project or quilt for a gift to be appreciated.  Some of the best gifts are practical items that the recipient uses every day.  In our Friday night event -- we are bringing our "BEST IDEAS".  For the first time -- we've been allowed to put together the "best of the best".  Our favorites.  And WE HOPE YOU LOVE THEM!!

See you soon!

Rita Farro

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I would love to see that dress!  What an imagination!!

My t-shirt says "Save Mother Earth - It is the only place with CHOCOLATE"  


caburmeister 2/14/2009 9:57:35 AM

Loved reading about your Tshirt collected soon to be outfit.  I would love to see it too....but I'm still stuck in IOWA.  I remember watching some extra fun episodes on Paula Sands show with YOU Rita. Candy from Iowa

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