What Makes Our Furniture Different - Construction Boards and Finishes

At Sylvia, we pay attention to detail and quality.  Period.  So if we plan on spending quite a bit of time and money on the hardware we use, the dowels necessary to hold tight the joints of the cabinets, and even the lift for the sewing machine, it only makes sense to use quality construction boards for our products.

We are very selective when it comes to the board we use for our cabinets.   We examine for imperfections and defects in every single sheet of material we receive.  We have no reservations about returning goods that do not

stand up to our high expectations.

Our board material is a melamine resin saturated paper thermally fused to particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF). What is thermally fused melamine?  Quite simply it is a decorative overlay applied by heat to the surface of particleboard – in our case – furniture grade.  This decorative surface consists of a decorative paper saturated with melamine resins.  This is partially bonded with heat to allow for storage and handling.  The final step is done at the time of hot-press gluing when the resins form a hard, permanent bond between the paper and the board.  There is no separate gluing required.  The resulting product is a panel with a very durable,

hard-wearing surface.  These panels are resistant to scuffs, stains, moisture, light, and heat.

We finish the cabinets in a variety of 6 distinctly different colors.  As I can see, we offer the most choices among all the other manufacturers.  We have solid white which is not wood-toned (and not pictured

here) and the following finishes that are: castle oak, teak, grand cherry, mahogany and of course maple.  Maple is the lightest of the wood grains and is used in the open/top portion of all the wood-grained finished cabinets. 

The light color allows for light reflection thereby making working on this light surface easy on the eyes.  It is also used on the inside of the cabinet.  Again, it makes for better light reflection and it’s easier to see when you are sewin

g or crafting.  For white cabinets, we use the white finish inside and out.  Given the variety of finishes and colors, there should be one that will fit in perfectly with any sewing room.

Much of what we do and use is also used by better furniture manufacturers worldwide.  We want only the best in our products and for our customers.

Until next time!

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I like reading and seeing the info for all the sewing cabinettes. They are beautiful pieces of furniture. Sure wish I could get one some day, but I don't think it will ever happen. I am presently using a kitchen table which works quite well, but I will never be able to use the knee lift that came with my Janome 10000. Thank you for the article.


There's so much thought and quality that goes into cabinets most people just don't realize it. Vivian, we know many sewers who used a kitchen (or dining room) table for their sewing machine.  Should you ever decide to purchase a cabinet, now you know what to look for, or not look for, in an investment built to last a lifetime.  Thanks for your interest in our articles!

Team Sylvia

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