Tips on a Custom Thread Palette, the AHA Feature, and Plans for a New Throw Pillow

It’s interesting how you can have a great idea during a very busy day and then when you sit down to write….you draw a blank. I am hoping that I remember what that great idea was before I get to the end of this blog.  In the meanwhile today was one of those busy days at work that you just can’t describe. 

One phone call had us trying to help a sewing friend decipher how the custom thread palette works in any of the embroidery machines that have the custom thread palette option.  It should comfort all of you that it took two of us to sit side by side and go through the instruction book step by step. What we discovered was that if we read the book we could learn something….when the machines are shipped, the 300 thread custom palette is full instead of empty and therefore when you want to add new thread colors you can not because every cell is full.  What you actually have to do is visit the Brother web site . At the site you will see an area in the column on the left that is entitled Software Update.  Here you can download recent updates for some our machines that have USB connections.  This handy area is where we found the free download for the Custom Thread palette. All we had to do was save the file to our USB stick.  As soon as we turned on our machine, went to Embroidery Edit/Selected a Design/Pressed the Thread Palette icon/ now we could follow the directions in the instruction manual.  We loved trying this out and had a real feeling of success when we saw the blank palette and learned how we could fill it.

More Trivia: 
Did you know Duetta/Quattro---comes with AHA feature turned off? To turn on the Automatic Height Adjustment feature and see how cool this feature is, press the    icon in the lower left side of the LCD screen. 


This weekend we will be helping my dad celebrate his 80th birthday.  Both he and mom are really involved in their hobbies and from what I learned in a retirement planning seminar this morning, they are doing what we all need to think about- relax.  They have found a renewed interest in model airplanes and sewing.  My mom has used her Brother machine to mend their boat covers and recently she began a cover for my brother’s very large red tool box.  Mom even makes embroidered greeting cards for our family celebrations.  They are good examples to us all.  I see that many of you have already figured this out and are having a great time in your spare time. 

I am hoping to get around to make a decorative throw pillow sometime soon for my new hallway look.  Last evening our middle son brought home a fabulous hallway clock but naturally that meant we had to do some quick rearranging.  I love it when he shows up. He makes me DO things.  We moved the clock around the hallway until we found the spot where it looked best and then we began to decorate with all the pictures that we had to take down.  In the meantime a new accent color had been introduced-lavender.  I remembered that I had bought a floral table runner in Japan a few years ago and it would be the perfect fabric for a decorative throw pillow.  I have an idea of how I want the pillow to look so when it is finished you will all be the first ones to see it.  I’ll give you a hint, it will be cylindrical and I will be usesing my buttonhole foot and making covered buttons.  My goal will be to get this pillow done by the time I see some of you at the Ann The Gran Community Circle in March.

Have a great weekend!

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Hi June  I have a Duetta 4500D and I use Thread Delight and would love to be able to put these colours into my machine...... without deleting the existing thread choices......can I do this?  Hubby bought me this machine for X-Mas so I'am trying to learn and play at the same time.....he purchased the machine in Michigan and we live in Ontario Canada (5 hours if the border is not busy)  it's to far to go for lessons.  Thanks in advance. Lorie

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