Threads are not all the same and neither are the methods to embroider towels

Threads for Thought: Two New Lines for Your Next Project

threadExperienced decorators know that quality lies stitch deep. With so many thread options to choose from, embroiderers can customize the look and feel of every project they produce. Further expanding its line of quality threads, Brother International Corporation has introduced the addition of two new thread lines, Country Yarn and Metallic, to its already extensive family. Both threads add new innovative options for embroiderers looking to add a unique touch to their next project, while maintaining a quality fiber developed to withstand high-speed sewing and embroidery machines.

Brother's traditional thread line-up consists of 100% polyester. The Country Yarn thread line is constructed using a polyester core wrapped with cotton. This design gives decorators the benefits of a strong polyester core paired with a softer, matte finish. "Polyester thread tends to give off a slight sheen, or shiny appearance," says June Mellinger, director of education for Brother. "The cotton-wrapped polyester yarn adds a unique country aesthetic that lends itself well to certain projects like quilting."

Brother's line of metallic threads also taps into current trends in the embroidery world. "If you look at ready-to-wear pieces, home décor and other crafts, metallic threads are becoming popular again as a way to add touches of color that make embroidery pop," says Mellinger. For a hip multimedia effect on a budget, consider utilizing both the metallic and country yarn threads on your next apparel project.

Peggy's Stitch EraserI was busy looking around the AnnTheGran site....I know "there's a concept!" and I discovered that you can buy an item that I think is an absolute "must have!" for anyone who embroiders.  It the Peggy's Stitch eraser  .  I want to be honest...I bought one of these about 15 years ago and it has rested in the drawer of my cutting table without being used (not that I havn't unsewn anything over the years) but none the less I just forgot to use it.  I was recently at a trade show and being bored I decided to embroider my shirts.  Shirt #1 was great, Shirt #2 was not.  The motif was crooked....had to be fixed.  Honestly I was ready to dump the shirt in the trash but a co-worker looked at me like I was crazy and quickly reminded me that a Peggy's Stitch Eraser would make it easy to unsew the crooked motif and start anew.  I took the shirt home and opened the drawer, took out the tool and the results were amazing.  Stitches were quickly erased and I was able to embroider the motif in the correct spot.  Shirt saved, lesson learned!  Big Smile If you want to see how this nifty little lifesaver works there is even a video to view.


This morning I got a phone call from my friend in Brother National Service...the guys who repair the machines at Brother...he wanted to ask me if I thought it was possible that people still did not know how to embroider a terry cloth towel....I chuckled and quickly responded, "are you kidding, of course!"  To help my reader's out I have attached a quick project for embroidering on towels with a nap, and the project has a few other tips for successful embroidery as well.  

One of the big issues that my caller had was that a customer was trying to embroider a towel and the embroidery foot kept getting caught on the topper.

That happened to me last week when I was making this cute litte burp cloth.....the heel of the embroidery foot got caught on the topper as I was embroidering the frame.....bad moment.  If I had not been in a rush and took the time to tack down the topper I would not have that moment.  Lesson learned, disaster almost! 

Well gang....Project Runway is over and Qristyl Frazier, the Plus Size Designer did not make the cut....She seemed to have a death wish between last week and this week.  Her garments just didn't seem to make it as far as the judges were concerned.    Oh well. 

This week we all need to remember "9-11" and I have to say that I think it is good idea to consider how we can volunteer our services to help others as a show of recognition of this memorable day in history.  I am going to make a committment to help a "cause" this year.  Are you?

Have a great week!Left Hug


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thecomputerist 9/11/2009 9:38:01 PM

ROLF!  Do embroiderers have trouble with embroidering on towels?  Well, does a bee buzz?  Does a wheel turn?  

Your tutorial was really great.  Is there somewhere else to get the Pacesetter Project information?

Thank you, Susan

junemellinger 9/29/2009 9:18:51 PM

Hi Susan

In order to see the Pacesetter Project that you questioned me about all you have to do is hover your mouse over the highlighted phrase " embroidering on towels" and then click your mouse.  This wlll open the hyperlink and you will need to follow the directions from there.  

I am glad I could shed some light on embroidering on towels!  

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