The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Back-to-School Already? Already!

Writing is my joy and embroidery is my passion. 

I also enjoy seeing 'before/after' and 'do/don't' from HGTV and the other places that change a lifestyle. But even those can be a little insane. I saw this comfy design and, on the link information, I saw that these pillows are $199.00 each. The shipping is free and you can finance it as well.

I consider this to be a less than great idea. However, with school starting, youngsters through college aged people and beyond would see this bolster pillow as a wonderful gift. As a lumbar pillow, they are an item of interest. The actual pillows don't even have the tucked buttons, and they made with a polyester fabric.

I did find a site to show how to easily do the button tufting. It is less than 8 minutes.  

In addition to tufting a pillow, I think a little bit of embroidery can really make the gift personalized. I love these from AnnTheGran's collection of Freebies. This site has a VERY large selection from which to choose and it is my 'go to' site that I use frequently. Of course, I also purchase designs here (they don't give them to me), and I am always very happy with the quality of digitizing available.

A tutorial for 'no sew' pillows is here. If you want a tutorial for 'diamond tufting,' here it is!

Here are three that I found to be sophisticated and playful. I have added some suggestions for a more personalized project, but the design is what you will actually receive. Click on the design photo to go to the free design

My thanks to each of you for joining me and checking out my blog. I am always checking to find a bargain. . .

Researchers found that a text response with an exclamation mark may make your message seem more sincere than one that ends in nothing (!)   (Courtesy of Reader's Digest.)

LOL, I always think I use too many of them!

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