The Avid Embroiderer Presents - ZZ Top or ZZ Bottom. My Freebie is in tune with that.

I had a tip in a previous blog about getting those bed skirts to stay put and here is my next bed making tip. (Do you really need bed making tips??) (Did you know that there are 17 different sizes of sheets?)

Well, this issue has frustrated me since - forever. Other than the folding of that fitted sheet, the next puzzle is that, as you place the sheet on the bed, odds should be 50/50 that the sheet is correctly positioned for the mattress. However, as I have observed, those odds should be about 5/95 against it laying correctly. Since I change my bedding twice a week (I just love the feel of fresh sheets), this frustration takes time and a little of my sanity.

The entirely elasticized fitted sheet available today will probably fit on your bed. Finding the corner is challenging. And, few beds are entirely square.


So, I think sheet manufacturers need to wake up and place an embroidery at the top and bottom. Here is my solution for this dilemma - embroider the following on both of the short sides of the fitted sheet.

You don't need to be concerned if you place your embroidery 'upside' down on the bed, the objective is to find the right direction quickly. Just having the knowledge of the short side is the goal of this project.  You can leave the 'TOP' and/or 'BOTTOM' off as well.

I did consider placing these designs on a corner, but felt that was not obvious enough. If you have any thoughts on where to place this layout.

You can consider using cut away stabilizer because this fabric will be washed frequently and have wear and tear from tossing sleeplessly. On the other hand, I do recommend Badgemaster Stabilizer because a single sheet in your hoop is perfect for this situation. Cut away will  leave itself on the fabric. Badgemaster washes away cleanly. Here is my Badgemaster Blog that I wrote in 2008. It is still accurate, I reviewed the blog and the information and stabilizer both have stood the test of time. Not many items in our world can still say that.

Just in case you are in the mood for some ZZ TOP music, click on the logo above to hear their top 10 songs.

Thanks to each of you for these moments of your attention. I do enjoy doing the blog and attempting to be just a little 'off the beaten path.'

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