Badgemaster (original published date - 8/24/08)

11/22/19 - 3D design and Badgemaster is the STAR!!

3/1/19 - Still very relevant and incredibly versatile.

8/29/18 - Crazy, but this is still my favorite stabilizer. In the 10 years since my original posting, I still love, use and find incredible the stabilizer known as Badgemaster.

8/24/2016 - Here it is 2016 and the 8th Anniversary of this Blog. When I look at other blogs that have 'aged,' I sometimes must make 'adjustments' to the information. Not so with Badgemaster. I can honestly say it is still my "go to" stabilizer for a lot of things. The actual price per square yard is cheaper than the other brands and it is stronger than using those that require 2 or 3 layers (that's what I call expensive!!).

7/17/2013 - Still my VERY favorite stabilizer.  It is my 'go to' when everything else is crashing and burning!  I do keep the packs of 'moister absorbents' from things like shoes and purses I purchase in my Badgemaster bag.  It is sealed with a simple grocery tie and keeps a long time.
8/10/11 - Here it is 3 years later and I just wanted to add that I still use and LOVE Badgemaster.  I use it for so many things, not just FSL.  I ran out recently and bought some Ultra Solvey.  What a surprise!  It is the same, but at a significantly higher price.  The Badgemaster lasted 3 years ($49.95 for 50 yards at 15" - VERY wide).  Ultra Solvey does not even compare.  ($20.49 - at Overstock - for 12 yards at 8").

If you read the forums, you will see lots of great opinions and terrific suggestions.  One of those threads was about an item called Badgemaster.  Users felt it was a good product.  Since the AnnTheGran crew work hard to give machine embroidery enthusiasts the highest and best quality, the site decided to carry Badgemaster.

When I got my first look at Badgemaster, I was taken aback at the price.  The photo did not show much but the description was very encouraging.  I was interested in their comparison with two well known water soluble stabilizers (wss).  I had used one, but not the other.  I decided it was time to put Badgemaster to a test!

Badgemaster says “it maintains its integrity even when stitched through repeatedly.”  Well, I had the opportunity to check that one out and found this statement to be absolutely true.  I had some difficulty with my thread and I actually sewed 3 times over a single area, a notorious problem for FSL.  Badgemaster held up very well and did not tear or pull away from the design.

 I checked the Internet to find a stabilizer that would call itself ‘heavy duty’ and comparable with Badgemaster.  I found one and selected two other wss at random.  I compared them for costs and here are my results:

 The three wss cost were:  $3.01, $3.49 and $3.67 per square yard respectively.  The $3.67 wss was the one called ‘heavy duty’ by the seller.  At $2.69 per yard, Badgemaster was the most reasonably priced. 

 So, I have been using Badgemaster for two weeks on several different projects.  Did I like the Badgemaster?  Yes, and here is why:[View:/cs/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer.Blogs.Components.WeblogFiles/avid-embroiderer.Badgemaster/The-Avid-Embroiderer-Presents--Badge-Master_2C00_-August-22_2C00_-2008.pdf]

·         It is industrial sized.  For a home user, I approximate this to be about a year’s supply of wss.  You won’t be running out of it quickly and, therefore, saving money on shipping and handling costs.  A standard size of Sulky is on the left and Badgemaster on the right. 

·         It is industrial quality.  I found it to be very strong and when stretched it returned to its original size.  For Free Standing Lace, I normally would use 2 layers.  But I only used a single layer because I really wanted to challenge Badgemaster.  I was very happy with the results.

·         It gave industrial results.  I used the “soak” method to clear the stabilizer.  I was pleasantly surprised that the resulting lace was so much softer** than anything I had used before.  It felt like the fine laces at my fabric store.


·         It is versatile.  I personally use Badgemaster if I am out of another stabilizer and frequently use as a ‘floating’ (under or over the hoop) piece of stabilizer. 

·         I can use scraps.  I melded two pieces together with a light basting of water to one edge, pressed edges together and allowed to dry for 10 minutes.  I had created a new sheet ready to be put into my next project!



Did I find anything negative about Badgemaster?  No, and I plan to use it for a long time to come.  If in the future it fails in any way, I will let you know.  After all, most materials have some drawback to them, but I did not find one with Badgemaster.

The manufacturer recommends that once you are done embroidering your design, cut away as much as possible and immerse in warm water. If you want more firmness for projects such as Christmas ornaments, run under warm water but don’t soak your design. For a softer result, soak your finished embroidery.  This film will reconstitute itself, so when you are finished with any water, dispose of the water properly.  If you were to put it down a drain, it might cause some future plumbing problems.  All film types of wss should carry this warning.  After all, it is better to err on the side of caution.

I thought that it would be appropriate to thank the community for suggesting this product, and it would seem that there is agreement from the "powers that be". AnnTheGran is offering you a free gift with the purchase of Badgemaster for the next week. This group of sayings that is being offered as a free gift, called Home is a Garden Sayings, is my personal design, so I am really pleased that I've contributed something that you'll be able to use to create something special.


Home is a Garden Sayings as shown on this towel:





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I have used Badgemaster for several years and have always been completely satisfied - I never us anything else - I have even used it as topper on towels, etc.



As usual you do an excellent job on your topic.  Everyone is so informative.  Thanks for you input.

I hope everyone understands that I will always give my honest opinion.  I wonder if anyone has had a different experience.  But, the fact that I only had to use a single layer is a great money saver.  Single layers on other wss did have disasterous results.  I always used double layers of the others.  

I hope you like my sayings as well.  I am really proud of them.


Pat thanks for the info. I posted on one of Chatty Cathy's blog about FSL that I have done and she told me about this wss also.  I will be ordering it now. I too used two layers. This is not very cost effective. I try and stitch two or more designs in one hooping. I am hoping that Badgsmaster will do the job.

Again. thanks


cme-I feel so strongly about this stabilizer that I am delighted that you are trying Badgemaster.

For FSL, I use ONLY the #75/11 of #70/10 Needles because you are stitching in the 'air' so to speak.  When completed, your FSL project will not have fabric to back it up, so I want a good begining with strong stabilizer.

I hope to see photos of your work in the "Media" area, please let us see what you are up to (LOL)!


Is it possible to purchase a "trial" amount ?

Sorry, I am not aware of any 'trial' packages.


Hi I read your article about badgemaster and it is a great stabilizer (wash away) I wonder if you have time to try another one. Wal Mart carries it. It is called HTCW

H2OGONE.  It is 14" wide and is less than $2.00 a yard. I have used it for all of my lace embroidery projects and have never had a tear out on any of them. I'm sure you will be surprised at the quality. It is easier to handle than badgemaster too.. Signe Bruhn, Columbus Nebraska 11/19/2008 3:28:13 PM

Hi, I have just ordered and tried badgemaster. It works just as good as you said. I am going to try a lace tabelcloth. It does nicely for lace. It is wider and only takes one layer so it is more cost efficient.


I found this really interesting, even though I have never tried to make lace!  Sadly, I live in the UK and have not been able to locate this product on general sale here.  I am hoping it is possible to have it shipped from Annthegran - I feel really inspired to give lace a try!  Thanks for a really useful piece.  Angela  

Charlie207 - So sorry, because of International shipping issues, Ann does not ship outside the USA.

I know I have seen many EXCELLENT sites in the UK.  Occasionally I have wanted to buy but many of them have the same shipping policy.  What a shame!

It seems to me that there is another name for this, if anyone knows it, let us know.  

Rules, rules, rules.


Thanks for your prompt reply, Pat

I have just found some on (USA but will ship to UK - shipping is expensive though).  I will keep looking though and would appreciate ANY advice/info from anyone else.

Thanks again Angela (now off to bed)!

ETC embroidery supplies in Glasgow have badgemaster for sale

bluewolf- that is great information because AnnTheGran only ships to the US and people may be interesting in your area of the world.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

I was perusing older blog posts and came across this one,I have a question that I hope the Author will answer... In the article you mentioned that "About a year ago, I attended a seminar where I saw this wonderful embroidered sweater.  It was not a sweater that had embroidery on it, it was a whole sweater made from FSL.  I remember how soft it was and more beautiful than any sweater I had ever seen.  I know that they must have used Badgemaster because all my other FSL had been ‘stiff.’  As noted, this sweater was soft to the touch." Do you have any more information as to where one might obtain a pattern for the sweater?
Thank you in advance.

SJ - That sweater was a very long time ago.  I was at a training given by Eileen Roche of Designs in Machine Embroidery. See her blogs here:   You can write to her directly and ask about that sweater, she may know everything you need.

I also know that <>  does this type of embroidery, you can see it here:

Finding that design may be as difficult as actually doing the project. See the warnings at Advanced Embroidery.

I have been looking for that information. I wrote to Designs in Machine Embroidery, but have not heard back as of this time.

It is a certainty that both Eileen and Marie (her sister) are very busy and I will be patient.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

There is a Trial Size available now -  

The Trial Size is 30" (yes 30 inches) by 72" - It is great way to get acquainted and you will find your purchase a real time and MONEY saver.

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