Stabilizers: What You Need (and a sale!)

Stabilizers are an essential foundation for good embroidery. Get them now while they are on sale!

Not sure which kind of stabilizer you need? Here are some great resources:

This chart, with links, will help you with the options available on




Tear Away: Light


Stickystitch (adhesive)


Ann the Gran



Designs in Machine Embroidery

Piece & Stitch



Sticky Hoop Stabilizer



E-Zee Tear (pre-cut)



Tear Easy



Sticky Plus (adhesive, paper back)



Totally Stable (iron on, tear off)

Tear Away: Medium

Amazing Designs

Stabilize It



Stabilize It (adhesive)


Ann the Gran




ATGMTSS001 (soft)



ATGAB001 (adhesive)



Nylon Tear Away




Tear Away: Heavy

Ann the Gran


Cut Away: Medium

Ann the Gran

ATGTNS001 (no show nylon)


CT Company

No Show Mesh Cutaway



Poly Mesh (allows stretch)






E-Zee Cut Just Right (pre-cut)



Cut-Away Plus (permanent)


A Free Class and EMB 101: Just Getting Started

With the release of this fabulous new site format, I would like to promote a new series of embroidery blogs that are targeted to embroiderers of all skill levels.

With more than 100,000 monthly visitors to, some of you are beginners while others are seasoned veterans and even professionals. This concept will serve as building blocks, including both introductions and refreshers.

So, from time to time, you will see posts labelled with the prefix EMB 101. If you would like to see information on a particular topic, let me know! We'll make this blog your one-stop place for embroidery information, tutorials and free projects.

How about a free embroidery class? 

Craftsy offers a free online class, Machine Embroidered Classics with Yvonne Menear. The photos posted here are projects from that class. Get an hour of instruction you can access 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Play the high definition video at your leisure, pausing it along the way to try the techniques.

Download class materials and 14 variations of four embroidery designs in 10 file formats. Stitch a pillowcase, kitchen towels, and bath towels. Learn about proper stabilization and choosing thread and needles.

Take a free class and get a jump on creating your holiday gifts! And, let me know what embroidery topics you would like to see covered in the EMB 101 series.

Debbie SewBlest

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This sounds great, I can always learn or just relearn.  Many times I find that I self-taught and have been doing something the hard way.  I am ready to learn!

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